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  1. hi all. on some days when i get up to go to school or anytime when i start my car the cel flashes 4 times and then the engine revs to about 1.5k and will hold untill i put the engine under load. im wondering if anyone knows what that means. my guess is a bad tps but i dont want to spend the money w/o knowing. thanks
  2. Unplug the tps before starting and see what happens....If it does the same then try pulling the IAC
  3. it only does it occasionally is there a code in those 4 blinks somewhere they are all evenly spaced
  4. Were you playing with the DTC connector recently. I ask because if you left a jumper on between the self test input and pin 2 on the larger connector the CEL will flash 4 times when the ignition is turned on.
  5. Does it have any codes when you check them?
  6. i checked them once but didnt get any that were in the book that came with the reader
  7. What codes come up when you run them?
  8. how do you check the codes w/o the scanner? i know it can be done i just dont know how
  9. This post by you indicates you have a reader. What did I miss?

    This link should help you with checking the codes without a reader.
  10. i just dont like the reader. its way older than the car and the book didnt have the codes we got. maybe we were reading them wrong? idk
  11. i checked the codes and found the following... key on engine off, 552-secondary air injection bypass (airb) circuit failure/ 553- secondary air injection diverter circuit failure/ 558- egr vacuum regulator circuit failure/ got all of those 2 times/////then the memory with key on engine off, 332-insufficient egr valve opening detected/ got that one 2 times/////////// key on engine running, 172- heated Oxygen sensor indicates lean condition right side (memory)/ 332-insufficient egr opening detected (memory)//////////////////// what does all of this mean? i know that the egr isn't opening properly. however that's all i got from this.