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  1. Today, a "CHECK FUEL CAP" message came up on my trip/odometer computer display. I checked, and it was not inserted properly. Now, after being reinserted, the message is still displayed. I can push reset, but it reappears after a few minutes and at start up. Has anyone had a similar experience or no how to get rid of the message.
  2. disconnect the battery for about 20 minutes, then try again.
  3. Thanks, Bigcat. That did the trick. Of course now I have to reset all of my stereo settings. No big deal. Better than that message driving me nuts.
  4. good deal.
  5. Anyone else encounter this random message? I was driving on the freeway today and "beep" CHECK FUEL CAP came up. Keep in mind I had not gassed up in days. At my next stop I removed the cap and re-installed it. I cleared the code and drove on. "BeeP" CHECK FUEL CAP. I thought it might be because I intalled a lockable gas cap (Ford unit from, IIRC, an F150), so when I got home I put the original cap on. Yep, same message. I guess I will have to disconnect the battery and see if that helps. Seems silly.

    I'm interested to know if anyone else has encountered this issue and if anyone ever figured out what is generating the message.
  6. try connecting a scanner and see if it has thrown a code and if u might could clear it, my benz used to throw CEL for gas cap
  7. Thanks guys.

    I cleared it with the "Reset" button, then hooked my Predator up and "Cleared all codes". Not sure why I didn't think about the Predator in the first place:shrug:
  8. Just to add to this... the battery disconnect worked, but a day later, I got a CEL. Disconnected the battery again, and all is well. It has been about two weeks, nothing else has changed. Seems like a weird thing to me. Now I double check that the gas cap is closed.