check out my "homemade" power pipe!

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  1. was the STB pvc too?
  2. That actually looks good for PVC. How did it handle the heat?
  3. I wish. :drool:
    It held up awesome. There were no issues with the heat what so ever. My solid steel intake tube (another home made effort :D ) on my current set up gets pistol hot, where my PVC pipe was only warm to the touch.


    That’s the nice thing with the PVC pipe, it really insulates from the heat. This is probably why companies like JLT are based on similar set ups.....they just make theirs a little prettier.

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  4. looks great man. btw its not grey5.0beasts little brother, its david. but yea i was looking into buyin one of these setups but i like your idea better. i'm about to revive that thread with some spray paint and new wires
  5. thanks man. My bad David, I couldn't remember your display name and I didn't know you by anything else.

    Gearbanger, that is the first PVC setup i've seen that actually looks good!
  6. hey brian any more pics of that full setup? or what about these specs cenok?
  7. I still wouldn't go as far as saying that it looks good, but it does look better than some of them that I've seen. :D

    Of which previous Mustang in the first pic, or my Cougar in the other two? :shrug:

    You can see a few pics and videos of my Cougar when you click above the horsepower figures in my signature.
  8. the mustang. i was lookin into some but didnt want to pay for all the expenses. i'm looking for function over form
  9. Bringing this one back. I just ordered all my materials off ebay for under 50 dollars. Hope it comes out as nice as yours. I just cant see spending the cash for the anderson unit and my 87mm MAF wont fit the stock tube.
  10. ya know, i wouldn't mind seeing this one in the sticky of stickies just so it dont get lost.
  11. Right on :nice:

    now the real question is if there was any increase in power from the homemade CAI? Im sure that any would be minimal but any is better than none :shrug:
  12. At the very least, it certainly looks better than the plastic "accordion" we were saddles with from Ford? :shrug:
  13. Dynos show an increase with the anderson pipe. What I am really looking for is the improved maf readings and eliminating the maf/filter from under the hood.
  14. its been proven that power pipes actually hold back your car when launching at the track. Someone i know lost 3/10s of a second because of a power pipe
  15. I wouldn't exactly call that "proven". Especially when the dyno tells a different story. I would imagine your buddies loss could be attributed to other factors, tham just pipe alone.
  16. I would have to agree. I can’t see how a less restrictive or less turbulent intake tube would cause worse performance. I say good job on the homemade stuff. from what I have read, Its my understanding that its best to have 6-8 inches of straight pipe before & after the MAF. Thats kind of hard to do with the space available though.
  17. My couplings came in today which was the last item I was waiting on. If anyone is interested I will take pics of the build up and do a write up. It looks pretty cookie cutter though.
  18. Consider me interested!
  19. Yeah theres always a good feeling when doing something like that yourself, awesome job, but like mentioned i would paint it or even polish it??? Still dude, great job!