Check out my launch videos , PLEASE

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  1. In stock form (flowmasters ,hypertech chip,Timing 14*,160*Thermostat and goodyear 245/45/17 ZR45 tires) I runn [email protected]

    than I run [email protected] with Flowmasters ,O/R H-pipe,King Cobra Clutch,FRP 3.73s,Hypertech chip,MaxSpeed Springs 2" lowered,BBK cold air,Short belt w/out Smog Pump and A/C,Home Made Short Shifter ,Timing 16*,160*Thermostat and 255/45/17 Goodyear GSC

    I know I need Nittos or BF Goodrich DRs , but I cant understand I put those parts into my car and I cut .30 and got 4 MPH
    My Stang is heavy 3800lb with me ,maybe those 255s is bad size meybe 245s is better size
    Right now I have more parts in my Stang
    - 1 5/8 Mac LTs,Walbro 255lph HP,MSD 6A Ignition,Blaster High Vibration Coil,Manual Fan Switch but I never run with this yet

    Here is two videos of my runs

    bad launch

    very bad launch ,right lane is very bad on this track ,you can see that

    Please post here what you think about my launch and my mods (meybe I put something what I don't needed

  2. 4 mph isn't bad for exhaust and gears.

    What are your 60ft. times?
  3. get your friend out of the car and let him film on the side of the track, saves weight. UUUMMMM it seems a little high but just practice and im sure you could get at least 2 tenths off. Other then that just save up for dr's.
  4. I make mistake in writing : without my brother I runn 14.88, with him 15.0 and 60ft. is 2.25-2.34
  5. sticky tires should help out with the launch

    BTW your car sounds good :nice:
  6. um I see you use a bog technique

    try launching from a higher rpm and feathering the clutch out of the hole. also disconnecting your sway bar from the a arms will help alot. Oh yeah... get a shifter and shift harder and quicker.:D

    wathc my RPMs if you can.
    this was my technique for consistant 2.0s on cheapo street tires. yes they were 255s.

  7. Why disconnecting sway bar from the a arms will help alot,
    You use a bog technique too, right!!!
  8. I'm on a dial up so I only watched one video, but you need to slip your clutch out a little more on the launch and up the rpms too. Also, that shift to 4th is killing you. It seemed as though you shifted to 4th around the 1000' mark or so. I do remember doing the same when I had 3.73's and a near stock motor, but its not "optimal" 4.10's would be a better choice IMHO. What rpm do you shift at and what rpm do you cross the finish line. Your shifting is pretty good, I could hear the tires bark between gear changes. You might want to shift the 1-2 at a little higher rpm than the 2-3, and so on. Hope that helps. You are running faster than I did with similar parts.

  9. OK what you mean with "but you need to slip your clutch out a little more on the launch "
    Whats wrog with my shift to 4th
    I shift every gear at 5200 ,I don't remember what rpms I cros finish line (but I can find out today on highway)
    And did you think 4.10s is better than 3.73 for Verts ???
    And about chirp tires , every time when I come on the track in morning I can chirp in 2nd ,3rd and 4th, after 5,6 rund I cent do it any more because engine is hot and clutch can hold , but on street I can do it in all gears except in 5th any time
  10. I forget tell to you this , in 2nd video I missed 3 gear and for some reason I shift in 4th earlier but on same shift point like any other run at 5200rpms
  11. how come your car weighs so much?

  12. hehehe because I weight 310lb AND don't tell me take diet :bang:
  13. hey, my car's weight is 3580 w/ me and nothing else... no spare tire, jack, tools, nothing like that... I guess we just have a heavy car...

    -btw, definetly try slipping the clutch more, and at a higher RPM... bogging destroys your speed... your car sounds hella nice btw :nice:
  14. I'd say launch at a higher rpm but slip the clutch some. You want the tires to spin a little bit but not too much. You said you were shifting at 5200rpm, take it up to 5500 and shift quicker. You should be able to knock about .20 off your et. When I went to the track the week before Christmas I ran a 14.3 @ 95mph before I snap my axle. I bogged really bad when I launched and I launched at about 2500 or so. The Nittos hooked better than I expected. The next run I launched harder and they hooked just as good....and my axle couldn't take it. I think I heated them up too much and they worked like slicks....they didn't spin AT ALL either time. :eek: