Check out my new pistol!!!

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  1. Such tiny little girly pistols....THESE are guns.



    But heres the work horse of the family...
  2. You suck at the internet Brahma.
  3. Are any of them showing up?
  4. Im really looking for a good SKS, anyone know of a good place besides frequenting gun shows?
  5. they all show up... for me
    i like the USP the most =D
  6. dayam......2 desert eagles??????? a bit of overkill, don't ya think?
  7. Thats like me asking you if you think 2 Mustangs are overkill.

    I want a DE of every caliber. The Titanium Gold one is .50AE and the polished Nickle one is .44 mag.
  8. i feel sorry for the idiots that break into your houses...
    crazy americans..
  9. Brahma are you a pimp. cuz those are some mighty pimped desert eagles.

    I guess it's nice to see some other gun nuts hanging around a car forum too.

  10. You should have bought one of the Baby Eagles (.45) to go with your DE's and a Mountain eagle (.22) for plinking. Then you'd have the complete set from Magnum Research. :nice:
  11. what happened to all the posts that where here? WTF? this thread was like 3 sections long? All my pictures of my Guns are missing??? :(
  12. I had a CETME but it's quality sucked, constant jamming. So i bought a Bolt ACtion, lol
  13. :mad: Well. I got a pic of my whole handgun collection because all my old posts in this thread got deleted. :mad: . I'm relentless in my cause to show my guns. :flag: I'm also including a picture of my recent apprehension. :D

    Show your guns, it our right! :nice:

    From Left to Right:
    CZ-52, CZ-52
    Llama Max-I L/F, STAR BM, Chinese Tokarov 54-1
    CZ-40P, STAR Firestar Plus

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  14. How much are you willing to spend?

    BTW nice gun collections.

    I have a crappy Llama 1911 which actually shoots decently, a remington 870 12GA, a 22 rifle (who cares), and a 7.62x39 SKS which puts holes through lots of hard/metal things.
  15. What year Llama do you have? I have a current 2004 production and its top notch. I am very impressed with it, I've already put appx 1500 rd threw it. I'd say only 15 jams or so and they were all hollow points. I'd have to say, I didn't waste the $249.00 I spent on it. Hell of a deal. I hope they get their name back like they had back in the 70's and early 80's. Llama is a good company and they have lifetime(yep lifetime) warranty on there guns. Doesn't matter even if they're second hand owners. They still come rough out of the box, but it works out just fine, just clean the thing initially. I'd trust mine to my life, just its to heavy for a carry gun LOL. :D . Great if you ever need to pistol whip a punk. :rolleyes: :banana: :banana:
  16. Although, I forgot to mention, stay away from they're 90's models, that when they really went down hill and lost their name. Poor metal tempering and very sloppy craftsmanship. After 2000 they built a new factory and upgraded all their equipment to state of the art. They wanted to start fresh with the new millenium and get their company started on the right foot.. I hope they hold up and dont go under like the good companies of STAR and ASTRA. :nonono:
  17. I don't usually come in here, but I was bored. ;)

    I have a 1939 Browning A5 16ga, looks a lot like yours. Aren't they purty? :D

  18. Well I surprised none of you have shot yourselves yet, but hey whats up with the post count. I have way more posts than the rest of you fools including the nazi mod, well hes got 2 million so i guess i'm close, but i haven't been here in forever.

    PS street racing is cool.

    :D :banana:
  19. Guns are great. SHOW MORE!!!. Sup GreenBioch...:D