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  1. Well it a official i picked up a 88 5-speed coupe on Wednesday.Tell me what you think.
  2. Looks clean!!
  3. It does look really clean. How many miles are on it? Wheels off an '83-'84 GT Turbo?
  4. Im not sure about the wheels i thought they might of been turbine wheels.It has 107 miles on it and thank you.:)
  5. Tealtiger nice ride dude i just saw your car domain profile i love it looks like we have similar plans.;)
  6. They're a little different from turbine wheels and do you mean 107k miles?
    Thanks for the compliment. I actually sold the motor I had a few months back. I started to tear it down, realized I was in over my head (mechanically & financially), bought a house, got married & had a kid. It's still my dd but I'm just too busy for it right now.
  7. Yes i ment 107k miles.Your welcome and if it makes you feel better ive been waiting 8 yrs for my stang and im married with 4 kids and i live in a 2 bedroom appartment so anything is possible.
  8. Wow! I hope it's your second car. Or at least it's a good excuse to take the wife's car everywhere else!
  9. Its now my second car we have been with out a second car for 2 years.We would have 3 but my wife's ex is a d-bag.
  10. That had to be rough. I could not imagine trying to share a car with my wife.
  11. Sharp car, its what my 92 must have looked like new. Well done bro!!!
  12. Mr Stang we like to be together so it wasn't hard.;)

    FV Thank you i guess waiting 8 yrs for the right one payed off.:D
  13. My '92 LX is an old whore, but I love her none the less.

    Try to keep your '88 as nice as possible. It would be a shame if in 30 years people forgot mustangs had 2.3L engines. Its up to us to remind them. :flag:
  14. Actually I'm converting it to a 2.3 turbo ive been waiting 8 years for my new Mustang. My ex wife made me sell 89 5.0 after i got it all perfected.
  15. lmao the last part.