Check out my widened wheels!

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  1. it would be cool to widen the back and make skinnes in your favorite rims up from
  2. Yeah, they were ok. The only thing it seemed like it would rub was the inner fenderwell when the car would twist weird (like pulling into a parking lot). But my car is lowered 2" as well though. Even with the 315's, all I had to do was move the right exhaust about an 1" left, flip the quad shocks, and they would fit without spacers at all. The biggest problem I had with spacers was coming out to the fender and rubbing on the outer lip. Even put a little cut in my new tires. :bang: :bang:
  3. Yeah I've been in the dilemma of do I keep my wheels of get something else that doesn't look as good but is a little wider for a while now. I love my 99 cobras.

    coltzilla- do you have any info or contact information (phone # or website?) on the company. Thanks. Sorry if its been said already.
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  5. I've been considering doing this, but my tailpipe to tire clearance is minimal. See this post (with pics)-

    Everyone says 'flip your quad shocks', but my tailpipes are ALOT closer than the quads. I'd need a 2" spacer to make up for the extra 2" of backspacing!

    Coltzilla - does your tire rub on your outer fender lip?

  6. The rear tires do not rub, but I think they would if somebody was in the back seat. I have a Mac exhaust and there is a lot of adjustment you can do with the tailpipes. Like I said, I had to adjust the right side because the tire was touching the tailpipe. I'll get some more pic's this weekend and post them on Sunday or Monday.
  7. I would still appreciate seeing some more pictures, whenever you have the time. A shot from the rear in the daytime with light from the front of the car (to help see the tires width) would be sweet. It seems a lot of the time people shoot pics of the rear and the tires blackness blends into the shadows under the car and it's hard to see the tire's width.

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  8. Coltzilla...How much visible damage to the finish or paint on the wheels??? looks like all their work is done way inside...did you have to repaint or such??
  9. I will try and get better picof the whole rear...
    Rio, no wheel damage at all, however, when you look through the wheel you can see the welds.

  10. I had Weldcraft do my 18 x 9 Replicawheel Torque Thrust's over 2 years ago. Had them widened to 11.25.


  11. My setup is this:

    * M&M Panhard bar (a MUST, IMO to insure that you never rub, otherwise your axle can laterally move over an inch in either direction)

    * 1.5" M&M wheel spacers

    * no tail pipes (use dumps)

    * eliminated quad shocks

    * did NOT have to roll the fenderwell lips

    There is about 1/2" between the inner fender well and the tire- not much, but I have encountered NO rubbing in the 2 years I have had this done. (with some pretty wicked corner carving done, too :nice: ) The key here is to do this with a pan hard bar, otherwise, your probably going to rub at some point.

    One neat little trick I do recommend trying to see if you will rub is this: take your wheel off and rub a small, thin layer of grease on the inner fenderwell (at any place where the sidewall of the tire might rub while the suspension is under load.) Next, put the wheel back on and give er' hell (do anything that will make the suspension work itself.) Come home, take the wheel off and inspect the sidewall for grease/signs of rubbing. No grease? Your good to go. If you have signs of grease, your going to need to do something- better order that panhard bar :p

    I did have a very small spot on my drivers side where it touched (no damage, of course, just a small grease spot/line about 3" where the tire at some point came in contact with the fenderwell.) All i did was adjust the panhard bar to move my entire axle assembly over to the right by about 1/4". Cleaned the grease up, put the wheel back on and tried it again (went out corner carving.) This time no grease on either tire. :nice:

    * note that I said a SMALL amount of grease. No need to get crazy here with the grease. Even a small miniscule amount with get transferred noticeable to your sidewall of the tire. Don't put so much on that it becomes a safety hazard :eek:
  12. Very :nice:

    You got a little wider angle shot of that one pic, so that most of the car is visible.?

  13. Closest thing I could find in that angle...

  14. Wideass tires do make for a sweet look....They look even better from the behind..
  15. Damn , looks nice :nice:
  16. WOW!!!!! Those meats are wide!! Looks great! I just put a set of 1" spacers on with my 98' Cobras.
  17. I tell ya, when I got MM spacers(1.5") I really could feel a difference in handling. They did make the tires stick out a bit too much and I'm now going to get the 1" spacers, just like Rio.
  18. Tire and wheel size

    Looks Awesome!!! I have a 95 vert and I want to put " The front wheels are 17x9 with a 5.95" backspace (+24mm offset) while the rear are with a 6.9" backspace(+27mm offset). The lug pattern is 5x4.5 (114.3mm). " Will it fot and what size tire should I run up front and out back? Any help please.

  19. Nice. What type of warranty/guarantee did they give you? Peace