check out the mclaren

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  1. i hope this pic works i own a detail shop and have a number of very wealthy clients and this is one of them he just got this about a month ago and had me wash and wax it View attachment 482186
  2. sorry cant get the picture to download
  3. cool

    im curious , do detail shops spend more time on the nicer cars?:shrug:
  4. very nice!
  5. i spend the smae amount on all the cars honestly for a full detail 8 hrs a wash and wax like on this car about 3 hrs. every client is important to me thats why i sat so busy i dont care if its a dodge neon or a lexus i treat them the same
  6. niiiice
  7. n e more pics of it?
  8. So what does that thing run in the 1/4? :nice:
  9. 11.5 1/4 mile @ 126 mph
  10. it has 617 hp
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  12. :drool: ITS GERMAN like the hass :banana::banana:
  13. Holy ****, I want one!
  14. wow dream car
  15. what's the retail on one of those things? :D