Check out these great track times! (PI 96GT)

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  1. :bang: Right, so went out to the track today, not really knowing that to expect, but here we go..:bang:

    1st Run : [email protected] MPH 60'=2.346
    2nd Run : [email protected] MPH 60'=2.165
    3rd Run : [email protected] MPH 60'=2.345

    The first run was rubbish...the second one my launch felt good..and the third one, I power shifted 3-4, so I guess that would account for a better MPH..I wish I could have gotten one more run in with powershifting, but the track is underground land drain..track got wet.

    All these times were at 4200ft, 11% humidity, 30.15in pressure, and 80F.

    Corrected for the 2nd run.. Corrected 13.59 @ 100.76MPH

    Not too bad? What do you all think?
  2. I thought I was slow...

    Work on your 60's. I can get consistant 2.0's on street tires. Air pressure at 23-24.
  3. Fast for 4500 FT....not bad at all IMO.

    You guys way up there dont really know what real power feels like lol. A 99-04 GT up there is slower than the 99-04 V6s down here. Do your cars *feel* slow, or is that all you know and feels normal? Just curious...I never been way up there before, so im not trying to be rude or anything lol.

  4. Yeah, it's kinda weird..I wonder what my car would feel like at a lower elevation..but it is all we know kind of sucks.
    Stupid air. Anyway, it is weird to see a Z06 Corvette only pull off a mid for them :)
  5. i'd say get a tire asap on that car. Not bad times for the alt. The high mph was because of the higher 60. Its wierd if your 60 is a litthe higher normally your mph is high also. Ex. My first run at the track the other day with my new clutch set up gave me a 1.6 60' and i went [email protected] My run at 12.52 and 12.54 both had 1.6x 60's and they trapped 107.81
  6. ^That seems to work for most, but my car is just the opposite. :shrug: My car trapps well when I hook...if I spin on the launch any I will trap 1-2MPH lower lol. Same goes for my windows...if my drivers side window was half down (90% of the runs) I would go 107s. The times I rolled it up, it went 108 lol. Its funny how easy a MPH is gained sometimes lol. The 108.8 run I hooked and had the window up.
  7. I thought he would run faster with the Pi head swap.:shrug: Or does he just need practice? Not putting ya down (I need it too)
  8. alt and the 60 foot it is what is killing his times. With a 1.7 60' he will be running around .5-.6 faster. Corrected thats around a 12.9 car.
  9. times are only .4 seconds slower than my best high alt. run. Not bad, just keep going. Everytime I think I figured out how to luanch or shift... things change :( Or I take too long a break and have to relearn
  10. those times are very good for 4200 ft elevation and so so 60' times. With some practice its a 13.0 (elev corrected) car.
  11. Just a funny note, the 2nd run, I left my window down..

    And, if I could have gone once more, I would have powershifted all of my shifts, that made a difference on the trap on the last one.
    But, all in all, I need to work on the 60' times/ My tires, although only have like 8,000 miles on them, are more than 2 years old..hard rubber? The Mach 1 springs helped a lot I think.

    I ran a tenth faster this weekend then I did in Vegas(2000ft) more than two years ago, but then again, I was babying my car in Vegas (new tranny).

    Anyway, I have my work cut out for me on the 60' times :)

    Thanks for the replies guys..I want to see what you all run up here :)
  12. What do ya mean corrected?:shrug:
  13. He is at 4600 ft elevation....that air is thinner and zaps power and performance making it unfair to compare with someone who is racing at sea level. So the times are adjusted to what he would be at sea level so that its a more common comparrison.

  14. corrected times are the real times as far as I am concerned. if you don't correct the times then all you are comparing is the ALT. of the track and the weather. in fact i wish ttrack slips would include corrected and non corrected times

    My sig time is not corrected, but I run at sea level I think the DA number for that run in my sig was 29 feet :nice:
  15. Crap... I live at 6,300 ft above sea level. I'm going to hate my first time at Bandimere... I'm sure it's at least 5,000 if not higher since it's next to Denver.
  16. I am sorry that you live that high up..good luck ;) Maybe you'll pull off a 16 ;)
    Let me know.

  17. thats why I would never live where you live. Me and my girlfriend are picking out a place to move to after she is done with school.. and one of the biggest prioritys is how close to a track the place is, and how high the track is above sea level... I run 90 feet above sea level now, I don't want to be higher than 300 ft.
  18. Hey... everyone I run is at the same elevation so it's all relative. I love the Rockies. The women are hot here and they love... nevermind. That's a different topic. :p
  19. what GDawg is trying to say, is that we're all members of the milehigh club here, and we don't have to risk getting caught in a plane lavatory that wasn't made for double occupancy... but thats its own kinda fun too.

    Gary you should be running low 15's mid 14s when you get that blower on :)