Check Out These One-off Headlight Knobs

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  1. Well, two off. I designed them in Mastercam based off measurements of my OEM knob. I created the running pony logo from scratch by tracing a logo I grabbed off the internet. The knurl is my own design. They still need more polishing, but I thought I'd give you guys a peek. I will be making more. I will also be making other components to match. Turn signal lever, tilt wheel lever, door locks, heater control knobs, etc.




    Pretty sweet huh?
  2. Those are sweet I want one!
  3. PM me your address. I still have to add the set screw. I stayed over 2 hours after work to make these and the guy that stayed with me was ready to go. So hopefully Monday I can work in a couple more and finish things off. Then I think I am going to try to do the turn signal lever next. But that is going to be a lot tougher part.
  4. crafty dude right there
  5. Been machining for 20 years. Been programming for 10. Been doing 3D modeling for 25. There's not much I can't make. I could make some pretty cool wheels if I had a big enough machine.
  6. Well I broke the clip in my stock one have any of these finished yet?
  7. Ahh, that is why I made these. They will be done next Friday. I meant to finish these and make a few more today but work was a mess today and I just couldn't get a second machine setup to run them. I'll send you one Friday though. Send me your address. ry94stang50 was supposed to PM me his address also and never did. Either that or I missed it.