Check out these Two V6 CAI's....

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  1. I wouldn't buy either of them. Both have exposed filters under the hood- great for sucking in air, of course, and when the car is cold will make a little extra power.

    BUT, when the car heats up and the air under the hood gets stale and hot, you're probably going to lose power going to that from the stock set up.

    I'd wait for a real COLD air induction kit.
  2. Those are both from
    The listed gains are with an SCT tune. Give them a call or email them and ask about the gains without a tune... a bit less. Still, many have installed their intakes and dig the results.
  3. I've been wanting a CAI myself .. been looking and looking .. I just can't find one I am willing to spend 2 to 300 bucks on .. I mean it's a Tube and a filter with a bracket or 2 and a heat shield IF your lucky .. that just don't seem like 300 bucks worth of product IMO. Specially when they are selling kits for the 04 for 60 bucks .. it's kind of enraging to me ..

    the cheapest one I seen was the Mac one .. for 149 .. I been pondering that one myself
  4. That one actually looks like a CAI, with a shield, unlike the others, but for that much money, your paying for the name...
  5. Off topic, but... you trapped ~101 w/ just exhaust and K&N?
  6. IIRC, he did that with a GTech, not at the track. I'd like to see his actual track times to see how accurate the GTech is.
  7. Yeah, i'm thinkin in reality like 14.8-14.9 and 0-60 in 6.5, (6.3 seems to fast)
  8. About the gtech. It records your ACTUAL speed at the end of the quarter mile, not your avg speed over the last little segment (as the way the track does it) so it will always be higher with a gtech.

    Car and Driver (i believe) tested these meters and showed that the gtech was accurate to within .16 seconds... the other way though (IE the car that runs 16.34 with the gtech, actually ran a 16.18 at the track)

  9. So, I guess the times you ran at the track was without a K/n filter?