Check Out think paint job! JR and RC you guys need to step up your game.

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I bought a 27" monitor to compensate for my lack o
Apr 29, 2004
Medicine Hat, AB
I can't see a chrome paintjob on a stang, but that thing is pretty sweet....those quebecers do some crazy things :p


I bought a 27" monitor to compensate for my lack o
Apr 29, 2004
Medicine Hat, AB
Killercanary said:
That is freaking awesome... it looks fast as hell just standing still.

WHy would it be illegal?
It's an extremely expensive mirror on wheels capable of uber speeds...i'm guessing that could blind people on the freeway. :shrug:


New Member
Oct 10, 2004
Woodstock GA
get out the rag

I hope he is hiring a mexican house boy to put in the trunk so he can jump out and polish that monstrosity every time he stops at a red light. :rlaugh:


Founding Member
Nov 19, 2001
i saw a chopper painted with that paint it's real close to chrome they make some others too that flips like jr's i'm not sure how expensive it is it would be cool as an accent color .imagine a black car with chrome strips or two toned?

On Fire

New Member
Jun 29, 2004
Dayton, OH
The BMW looks good, but I don't think the process they do to apply the 'chrome' is worth it...

As for the pics above me, which I've seen 2 years ago, are what I believe to be fake because I've never seen another angle to back either of them up...

So in my eyes, I believe this BMW to be the first with this type of chrome coating...
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