Check out this modified LX grille

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  1. i always wanted to do it to my car, but it sounds better than it looks. maybe if i could fill it in and make it more shapely like the 94-98 grille, and i'd leave out the pony
  2. He did it wrong... He actually cut away a lot of material. I plan to do that with my bumper, only its going to be a smaller opening! I have seen it the way I want, and it looks great!
  3. should have gone with a cobra grill
  4. you'd think all that work put into the body and rust repair he'd at least changed out the GT moldings for LX.
  5. No kidding.......X100!!! What hell was he thinking? :nonono:
  6. i think it would look alright with out the pony
  7. This car is the one I saw it on and thought it looked mean. Now that I look they appear to be the same size, but the teal car pulls it off MUCH better in my eyes!

    I will try and do mine this way, and even have the same bumper as the teal car!

  8. that nose on the teal car looks great. If I had an LX I would do the same thing, even the air dam.
  9. I have the air dam, and will most likely be doing that to the bumper! That along with a 3" cowl, should look mean :D
  10. So true, i just noticed that... looks terrible, on an otherwise flawless looking car...

  11. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  12. anyone else notice the f bumper only says "stang" i think thats pretty cool.
  13. That guy's a member here isn't he?
  14. ya know whats worse? in order to use all the moldings except for the door molding, he had to cut them off of the GT ground effects. the fender extensions and sideskirts are 1-piece with the moldings, as you can see in this pic...


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  15. i was going to do that to my car, found out as soon as i stomped on the gas, it would probaly crack. i was going to put the snake in the middle instead of the horse.
  16. I dont care for the lx modifed at all. It would only look good with a 93 cobra grill with the top cut out. I have to come up with a prototype soon for for a 93 cobra grill that is going to have the top cut out to fit one of their snakes. If anyones interested?

  17. i have an issue of mm&ff that had a dyno shoot out a while back and there was a red lx very similar to the one pictured here same cut out grille , what appeared to be cobra skirts and a bumper, the car looked rally nice, the moldings and every thing matched the guy was a body man so he did it all him self i know its worthless with out pics... when i get home ill post the issue and page i dont have a scanner so if any one has the mag and a scanner you coan post it it was a really unique looking fox.