Check out this painting of my notch my mom painted for me

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  1. DSCN0381.jpg

    Tell me what you think....

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  2. sorry my camera sucks
  3. Thats really cool, but what is that underr your bumper? Did you run over something?
  4. Looks good, proportions are off some on the car, but you cant expect non Mustang people to know that. Awesome concept for the painting though!!! Looks really nice!
  5. she needs to weld up some subframe connectors. looks like the car is gonna twist itself in half ;)

    The pic looks good the mustang just needs a little bit of work. I am not trying to be a dick, you asked what we think. :nice:
  6. looks better in person the camera sucks.....thanks for the comments
  7. now she needs to add in your ol 76 off to the side: topless of course

    Not sure what it is lately, but I've got a bad case of Bronco Fever.
  8. I was thinkin it maybe has a broken sway bar end link.
  9. I would guess the right front tire
  10. yes, it's the right front tire and I have seen other arts and crafts that his mom has produced and they are rather impressive.

    It's not easy grasping the right perspective on an auto if your not used to drawing them.
  11. hydrolics:shrug: