Check out this time capsule

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  1. Holy Christ
  2. LOL @ $60k though.
  3. I'd almost be afraid to touch that car.
  4. i guess that's cool....personally the first thing i would do would be drive it home and beat the living hell out of it. that car was meant to be a track****, not a garage queen.

  5. Not I... I can appreciate the nostalgia of the thing but most bolt-on cars modified by folks with half a brain would run circles around that thing.
  6. My buddy jarred has one with like 12k on it he's selling for less than half of that

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  7. with all those bolt on backyard horsepower gains you would skyrocket that price from 60k right into the 100k range!!!:nonono:
  8. Unmolested, the car in the link is worth more undoubtedly (seriously doubt $60k worthy). My comment was directed at the trackability of that unmolested time capsule though. I wouldn't spend any amount of money on THAT car just to take it out and beat on it at the track when something with those those "backyard horsepower gains" would knock it into the dirt.

    No... If I were someone who would spend that kind of money on that Cobra R, it would be for the purpose of preservation and not going out to see what it would do at the track.
  9. I think that's the problem with it. The only reason to own that car is to race it, and you don't want to race a car that expensive. And you would be very surprised to see what it takes to run circles around that car.

  10. i hear ya. i also agree 60k is ridiculous. but with 21 miles on it even the battery should have been a stock replacement.
  11. If I were someone like Jay Leno... I'd even pay the $60k just to have the thing in my collection.
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  12. Nice, but I'd build my own for about 1/5 of that and 95% of the people out there would be none the wiser.
  13. Awesome piece of nostalgia :)
  14. Only 250 built, I'd buy it.