Check Out What I Just Picked Up For My Fox

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    I love the northwest, affordable housing is awesome. My offer was just accepted and should close very end of July.

    I wanted a place with a shop since I was a wee lad.

  2. nice! cant beat owning your own chunk of land.

    Side note, the more I see how proporty taxes are in other county/states the more pissed I get at my local guberment.
  3. yeah they are 1.4% here however the homeowner exemption takes up to 75K off the taxable amount so my taxes will be 1.4% of around 150K

    I havent owned a home since 06, looking forward to it very much.
  4. That's an awesome pad you found yourself there. I wish homes were that cheap on the east coast.

    Looks like you're in good shape if you ever want a motor home!
  5. Very nice purchase! Congratulations.
  6. Does the overhead hoist come with the shop?
  7. no and I really dont want it, I dont think I would use it much. I do have some concerns on the appraisal , I have heard a few places have appraised for well under contract price. If this happens I am pretty sure the seller wont budge on price and I wont pay over appraisal.
  8. Best of luck!
  9. Cool beans. It's nice having a place to wrench out of the sun/rain/dirt.
  10. now im just waiting for the appraisal to be done.....

    Will be great to park the PSD and Mustang in the shop.
  11. nice, let us know when the house warming party is!
  12. So your new shop came with a house?! :rlaugh:
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  13. Thats pretty much what my oldest daughter said, " I assume there is a house to go along with the shop?"

    did all the loan paperwork, taxes are only 1450 a year, even less than I was thinking!
  14. 1450 taxes !!!!!!!!!

    My taxes will be 6x that when my house is finished in WI
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  15. one more week!

    I am set to close on the house on the 31st. Hooray!

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    door is 16 x 12 shop has 200 amp 220 already, you know for all my welders.....
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    Shop is 28x30, not the size I would have liked but better than any I have had thus far in my life.

    House is pretty decent too.
    3x2 1689 sqft nothing fancy but will suit Jordan (50% of the time) and myself just fine
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    I am very excited

    224k on just over 1/4 acre (.28)
  16. What part of Rathdrum is this located?
  17. out by radiant lake
  18. Man, my taxes are $5K+ in South Florida. I need to move out in the mid-West. It's getting old here. Congrats, great find.
  19. Love it! Wish they had affordable stuff like that where I live. My taxes are in the $3500 range and thats EXTREMELY CHEAP for New Jersey, especially the Jersey Shore where I am located. Good luck on the new crib, loving the shop!
  20. Cool :)

    I wish my house had an open floor plan like that. I like it okay, but open plans feel so much bigger.