Check Out What I Just Picked Up For My Fox

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  1. Man I just bought a new fridge, holy :poo: I had no idea they had gotten so expensive.

    Drop 2k+ on a BS3 for the car, sure not a big deal.

    Spend 2400 on a new (semi fancy) fridge and man I am pissed!
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  2. And that's not even a top of the line one anymore! Ill gladly creep craigslist or a scratch and dent place.
  3. Yeah saw many over 3500, crazy talk.

    Washer/drier will prolly come from CL
    I got a Samsung -Model: RF4287HARS

    plenty fancy for me.
  4. Ahh yeah. My parents and buddy both have that one. The beer drawer in the middle is awesome.
  5. Finally got the keys and possession.


    Heats balls!

    Just got in now, I am moving :poo: tomorrow very happy. Also found out the shop has an attic fan in it, nice little bonus.
  6. null_zps2c628602.jpg

    Just need to better organize better
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  7. man, the license plate is crooked on the stang....what a disgrace
  8. null_zps2e6aaabb.jpg
  9. Jealous. I need to get the hell out of NJ...