Check Out What I Made To Ride Around In The 5.0

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  1. MY FIRST ONE!!:trip::trip::trip::trip::trip:
  2. Atta boy. Rest up
  3. Congratulations!!!
    Be thankful, not all of us are so lucky.
  4. Nice!! My son just turned 2 and he goes bananas when the stang comes out of the garage. I ask him what does a mustsng say?? Bruuummm bruummm!! Mine is a vert, but he is not do fond of the wind with the top down. Have fun with it.
  5. Thanks, I am so psyched and grateful...BTW anyone want to buy a boat? I can only keep one, and the stang is staying.
  6. Awesome, Congrats!!!

    My 3 year old girl loves to sit in "Daddy's race car" The last 3 years have been the best years of my life!
  7. My lil girl just turned 2 as well. She's my 1st
  8. Congrats! If he/she loves the stang, that is a bonus, but a healthy child is a blessing all in itself. I am at home recovering from a nose and throat surgery, and my 3 year old and two month old sons are great to be around. They can make all the issues of daily life go away in one smile or "I love you Dad." Then again, they can also be a PITA too. ;)