Check this out! Pretty wierd

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Venom4.6, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. Someone spotted something on my Cobra the other day. Factory Mistake?
    Look at the shape of the C-pillars' rear quarter windows on both sides.
    Bullitt C-pillars

    The drivers side is correct but the passenger side is the bullitt/mach 1 style.
  2. That's the strangest thing i've ever seen. How could the factory miss that?
  3. that's crazy!
  4. When I purchased my 03 cobra and got it home I decided to fully detail the car myself. I discovered that the driver side and passenger side rocker panels were totally different. Upon further inspection, it appeared to me my car was damaged either at the factory or coming off the transport. After notifying the dealership and several other people, I was told that Ford sometimes puts the wrong parts on our cars. They further went on to tell me that they have had trucks and other vehicles shipped to them with the wrong parts. This is hard for me to believe cause the Cobra isn't on the same assembly line as the GT. Well, I had my car replaced anways. I would contact Ford if I were you.

  5. I actually like the passenger side of your car better. It lines up better with the rest of the car. Look how it lines up with the side scoop. Very cool. Ford supposedly tries to match up lines like this. So, I would assume that the passenger side c-pillar is the correct one.
  6. Actually, yes they are on the same assembly line. I've toured the plant as I'm a supplier and they make all models on the same line and in no particular order.
  7. Looks like someone at QC fell asleep :p
  8. I agree with you about the passenger side looking better! In fact I WISH my Cobra had those style c-pillars because they really do line up better with the side scoop... Only problem is the Cobra doesn't come like that! Just the Bullit and the new Mach 1.

    Venom4.6 - Keep it just like that, but get it documented with Ford somehow. Then hang on to the's now an official factory freak! LOL!

  9. Yo! I'm with Meat above. You now have the automotive equivalent of a double struck coin, or a double hit stamp. This is essentially "one of a kind". Also, I really wonder if someone "fixed" something before it got to you! I'd probably be tempted to investigate further----this is just too strange.
  10. I was thinking the same thing about keeping it the way it is. It's definately a freak of nature. I'm going to the dealer next week to see what they say.
  11. Nice photoshop work.
  12. I like the saleen c-pillars...
  13. Rare yes, but I'd get a new one.

    I just don't like the way it looks.
  14. Zoom in on the C pillar with Photoshop or a good image viewer.
  15. You know they will have to replace it with an 03.............
  16. That's not photshopped. If you check the original thread there is an angled picture of the car. You can see the different pillar through the windows of the car.
  17. If your not going to keep it I wouldn't worry about it, no one noticed it before. If your going to keep it for a collectors car I'd want it right, you can't prove it came from Ford like that and may have been done at the dealership for all you know. :flag:
  18. My Bullitt came with the correct C pillars, but came with two different rear quarter windows (under the C pillar). I got one from a regular GT and one for a Bullitt. Nothing like Ford Quality None.
  19. It's not photochopped...I've seen the car in person...