Check this out! Pretty wierd

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  1. That is definitely weird.
  2. I have seen that on 2 Bullitts, first Cobra however.
  3. Check with your dealership. I'm pretty sure the C pillar panels are replaceable (they just snap in place). They would have to paint to match, but maybe you could have the passenger side style like the Mach 1. Wouldn't be another like it.
  4. They will definitely fix it at the dealer.
  5. I know this is sort of off topic, but my '99 SVT Contour came with the entire wrong front brake assembly on one side.

    The assembly was from a standard Contour, thus, the rotor / caliper, etc... were completely different sizes.

    It took the dealer quite a while to figure out all the parts they needed to get the job done. And then because the SVT system is apparently not as complete, the caliper didn't even have a part number. Talk about a screw up!

    And I have personally seen a GT at a Ford dealer with the Cobra insert on one side scoop and GT insert on the other.
  6. Score 0 for QC
  7. he may have been talking about the 03 cobra engine. Its built on its own nitch line in the romeo plant. the gt's get built by robots while the cobras get hand built engines, so they might be beter then again they might have been put to gether to hastilly. it all depends.
  8. I have an old muscle car magazine with a 1970 or 71 Torino GT in it. The hoods have a "Torino" script badge on the front; this guy's car came with two, & he left it that way. He's got a Torino Torino GT. :D
  9. I have seen that happen to GM products as well. This guy bought a new GMC Sierra, on one side of the truck it had the Sierra badge but on the other side it had the Silverado emblem. :nonono:
  10. wutever ya do..keep it just like that! Freak of nature i agree but if ford did it and you document it who knows where this could go!
  11. i think it looks gangster its unique :nice:
  12. Posted by COBRA90GT - 08-20-03 at 10:42 PM
    Looks like someone at QC fell asleep

    :rlaugh: :lol: i found that funny :shrug:
  13. this is still the goddammdest thing I've ever seen. I hope you got it fixed, whichEVER way you wanted it..

    Things like this would cause me to lie awake at night if it were my car.
  14. didn't know they had such a thing at Ford?? :D
  15. I Work In A Dealer And Saw A 01 Cobra With Different Side Scoops 01 Cobra On One Side 03 Gt On Other.
  16. This isn't that uncommon. I have seen two 03 cobra's come off the line with mistakes so far. One had a gt side scoop on one side and a 03 cobra side scoop on the other side. I have also seen one with a GT rear bumper, can you say big screw up. :rlaugh:
  17. They must of been built on a monday when the hangover is still there :rlaugh:

    I have seen their work first hand at the dealership I work at, we get brand new cars having problems all the time. A pretty good precentage of the time they just flat out forgot to put a part in a car.
  18. Wow, if you can live with it, I'd definately keep it that way! Must be a Friday car (or is that Monday car?).
  19. My GT had a different insert in one side scoop.
  20. Ya know what else ford screwed up on, they put the gas cap on the wrong side of the

    I know I know, better like that because when you get out the car is away from the pump and less likely to ding the door....but good god man its like changing which cabinet you put the glasses in in the kitchen, after so may years of going to tha cabinet its hard to i am the guy who gets out to pump gas...shakes his head and gets back in to pull around to another pump with the car on the right side this time.

    It definately made me go out and look mine'd leave it!