35th Anniv Check this out ...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 35th Anniv LE, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Nice, its #2089 of 4628 according to VIN. I'd try to talk him down a bit, but its not a bad price for brand new 35th GT.
  2. It's a beauty, eh? For some reason it appeals to me! haha! :nice:
  3. wow that thing is nice looking! insanely low miles
  4. Man I'd really like to steal those seats.

    It's not that far to Ohio...:)
  5. There was another convertible listed on there with about 100 more miles like 2 weeks ago, I dont think it was the same car either.
  6. It didn't sell.... Had a high bid of $15,211, but the reserve was not met.
  7. I don't understand why people by the car if they arnt going to drive it, it's a waste of money. I mean it's a 7 year old car and it only has 1800 miles on it. New, I bet he paid over 30K for it with taxes and everything and its being sold for 19K now. What a waste of 11,000 or more..........
  8. Different strokes for different folks. It also depends on location. Mine gets put away from November to April. I put about 5,000kms per season (3,100mi) on my GT. It currently has 36,000kms (22,300mi) on the odometer.

  9. Same here . . Mine has about 28K miles, it hasn't been driven in the rain since I bought it and drove it home nearly 3 years ago.... (which is notable for a car in Seattle!) http://www.mustang35th.com/news0408.html

    It's under cover in my garage but I do try and get it out once in a while during the winter (I tell my wife that I need to keep the tires round).... I actually put about 10 miles on it last Saturday!