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  1. I am trying to buy a '91 LX Foxbody mustang that has been upgraded. I am gonna test drive it and look at it tomorrow. I am posting the specs of the car below and I want your opinion on these specs and what all should I be looking for when I look at it to make sure it's a good set up. Thanks in advance

    - 347 Stroker Crate Engine +400HP
    - Ford Racing Tremec Magnum T56
    - BBK Race Intake Manifold upper and lower
    - BKK Throttle Body with spacers 75mm
    - BBK Cold air Intake
    - BBK Mass Air Sensor power plus series
    - BBK Fuel Injectors 100 pound
    - Hurst Shifter kit
    - Saleen Body kit with rear wing
    - Saleen Style wheels (American muscle)
    - Sumitomo 245/45 R17 tires only 6k on them
    - Autometer Tack
    - ProCar Red Racing seats
    - Crane Cam
    - Harland Sharp Roller Rockers
    - Ford Racing GT 40 X heads
    - MSD Ignition 6AL-2
    - MSD Pro Billet Distributor
    - MSD Plug wires 8mm
    - MSD Coil pack
    - BBK Under Drive Pulley kit
    -Fabricated aluminum valve covers
    - Chrome oil pan
    - Lakewood front Drag Shocks
    - Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
    - BBK Exhaust H pipes from header back to tips with Flow masters
    - Ford Racing Rear end Gear 4.10
    - BBK Subframe Connectors
    - Stage 4 ford racing clutch
    - Chipped ECU
  2. Sounds like most of my wish list.

    Needs suspension and brakes.

    If it runs and drives and isn't a rusty POS while not costing a million dollars buy it.

    What's the ask?
  3. make sure he has paperwork for that "crate engine"
  4. and then sell them red racing seats to some schmuck on craigslist to put them in his honda

    whats the asking price? pics?
  5. wait wait, 100# injectors on that thing?
  6. its a good looking solid appearing car, but definitely more than a few ponies shy of his claimed 500 hp. I wouldn't hesitate to look at it, but would need to see receipts. Few things need swapped out, the whole tb inlet piping looks as if it was robbed off his buddies honda, 100# injectors??? And i still don't understand the attraction to that type of seat setup but thats just pesonal opinion. Realistically closer to 340 fwhp
  7. ??#1. 100#inj-way to much. #2. BBK intakes(I'd swap it)#3. GT40x heads aren't going to make 500 HP unless they have been really worked over. #4. Suspension and brakes need to be addressed. But if you like the car and it runs well I say go for it. I'd pay 6-7k if everything checks out and it's a clean solid body/int etc.
  8. What would you suggest on the injectors? Changing them? What about the heads and intakes? Are they good?
  9. What would you suggest on the suspension and brakes upgrades too?
  10. that thing doesn't need any more than 30# injectors at most. They say it has a chipped ecu, need more info about that. If it truly has some 100# injectors in it, there's some good tuning going on and a chip aint likely to be it
  11. All depends on your plans with the car. The gt40x heads wont get you too far beyong the claimed 340 hp that the crate engine has without major work, and at that point you'd be better of swapping them for some afr's. There's much better ntakes a s well, but all depends on your intentions. It looks to be a clean slid good appearing car. If you just plan on driving it for fun, leave the intake untl you decide what all you want to do with the car down the road.

    My guess is the car was ran with a blower on it until the motor blew, and they picked up a Ford crate engine to unload the car. Just a guess
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  12. ^^^agree with everything Madspeed posted. As far as brakes goes the stock ones are moderately ok. I'd at least upgrade the rotors and pads. Make sure you look at the torque boxes under the rear of the car where the controll arms attach to the car. A lot of modified/raced mustangs have damage if not reinforced. Also upgrade the shocks/struts over the lakewoods. I like strange 10 way adj myself. These are just some recommendations to look out for and upgrade if/when you purchase the car. If everything checks out it looks like a nice car.
  13. Ok,, my opinion. The engine is a thrown together combination of mismatched parts that don't match. Unknown cam and unknown specs on engine build, cone type filter that gets fan wash, open breather element, 100lb injectors, stock 75 amp alternator, hacked up fuel rail line, unknown tune- the car must run pig rich with those injectors. Drag shocks on the street will result in a terrible ride. You need to check the torque boxes on this car carefully.

    It looks like a nice clean ride that the guy dumped money into,but unless you get proof of the 347 build I would price it as a stock 302.
  14. Thank you. I guess I'll see what it really has tomorrow.
  15. Exactly. I've never heard of a BBK injector or a 100# injector, much less both together.

    And stage 4 clutch? How many stages are there? You'd think by stage 5 you could handle enough power to get to the moon.
  16. Hard to tell but that balancer looks stock,
    Np fender liners
    no heat
    no a/c
    Whats with the painted in place stock camber plates
    Horrible inlet
    stock alternator with underdrive and an electric fan

    The way the waterpump is plumbed is not correct there is no bypass, could mean no thermostat

    I agree this thing has been driven hard. I personally would not believe anything the seller says without paperwork.

    I would pass.
  17. The belt routing looks correct to me?

    However, where is the MAF?
  18. looks like a bbk maf. with that box intake it wont maje any hp below 4k rpm.
  19. I see it now... clocked 90 degrees, way up the elbow and right over the . def a makeshift setup- bbk and spectre pieces on that CAI.