Check This Set Up Please

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  1. Not the routing it looks like the small bypass hose is not plumbed into the waterneck on the intake.
  2. I am a details man and this car scares me. It looks like some good money has been spent but the execution of the project was poorly accomplished. A lot of work will have to be done just to correct some of what is visible in the pictures. Things like the ash tray door being broken, no heat, someone going crazy with a can of black spray paint, a "blinged" up interior (hate the door speakers), missing inner fender liners, bizarre fuel rail setup, virtually no suspension work, the 100 pound injectors (there are 100 pound injectors available for the new Mustang), cobbled up air intake, all of this will take time and money to correct. And that's just some of the stuff that can be seen from a couple of pictures. It can safely be assumed that shortcuts were taken at every step in this car build.
  3. Thank you, I will look over it good today
    I am just having a hard time finding a Foxbody that is somewhat street legal that is also upgraded with some power on the street and strip. I am not looking for a daily driver, I'm looking for something that will set me back in the seat on the street from time to time for pleasure driving. I can't find anything around my area of Knoxville, TN that is already fixed up because I really don't have the time to put into fixing something up from the ground up.