check this vid out

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  1. They are running a 60 sec clip of that in Ohio around me for the auto show this weekend. And it was played up in Detrot on 3 huge screens but with out the cobra. Something just looks funny about the cobra when it is moving. Its still sweet though. :nice:
  2. I think the cobra part is computer simulated. Cool though!
  3. Boy, what i would do to get my hands on that GT !!

    ...anyone have 150K to spare ?
  4. GT is so sexy :)
  5. Why couldn't the GT-40 catch up to the Mustang? I didn't know the next model will have 500 hp.
  6. Nobody said the GT-40 couldn't. In fact, nobody said the Ford GT (the new one is not called GT-40...just GT) couldn't catch up to the Mustang. :shrug:
  7. I know I'm joking, but the GT couldn't pass the Mustang in the video.