checking codes with a paper clip

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  1. how would i go about checking codes on my 95 with a paper clip. is it the same as the fox body 5.0's, which jrichker has the links and info on how to do.
  2. you open up the comp box and start jabbin at stuff with teh pointy end!
  3. i hope you are joking.i talked to Jrichker and he said that it may not be the same procedure as the foxes, due to the computer change.
  4. no i'm serious... but if you find out how to check codes with a with paper clip let me know unless your refering to some sort of computer thing thats called a paper clip...
  5. there is a way to do it by crossing some of the pins and counting how many times the engine light flashes, then you look at a website and match how many times the light flashed with the correct code and that is your code. but i was told it may not work with our OBDII computer systems
  6. that sounds awful sketchy
  7. I'm gonna have to assume its 10 billion times easier and faster to spend $60 on an OBD II tester from an autoparts store. I did that a few years back and it works like a charm. Just plug it in and check the book.
  8. yeah or a diabloe programmer or somethin then you can get performance gains also! :nice:
  9. autozone does it for free. i don't know how good there code reader is but i got about 4 or 5 codes, i just wanna do it myself so i can look at the codes myself. i have had it tested on about 10 different occasions at autozone, before and after the accident. how can a car run lean and run rich at the same time, unless they are talking about one bank running rich and the other lean. all i know is i am getting like maybe 8 mpg.
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  13. 94+ V6 Mustangs are OBD-II complaint cars and codes can ONLY be read with a reading device for OBD-II cars. No jumpers, no paper clips work.
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  16. well i got an update on the car. i decided to pull the injectors and clean them out. i found all kinds of crap in them. i got most of it out with a needle and cleaner, i put them on and also put a spare fuel reg. on and ran the car. it ran way better and only cut out at around 4000 rpms instead of 2500. i cleaned the fuel filter and it ran 100% better and was getting second gear scratches and stuff but that lasted for 10 minutes and then went back to cutting out at around 3100rpm. i should have just tried to get a new fuel filter instead of cleaning it. it may have knocked some crud loose. well it really doesn't matter because tomorrow i am going to where i have some spare injectors if i can find them and don't run out of gas going there. peace out
  17. Fuel injected engines may benefil from Prolong or Duralube gas treatment. I've used them with dramatic results. They aren't cheap, and sometimes you have to ask for them, as they are behind the counter. One shop wanted to change out my throttle body injection unit for $900! I bought a bottle of Duralube gas treatment and never looked back :D .
  18. $900 :mad: why shops charge so much labor these days!? :nonono:
  19. I thought the whole paper clip trick only worked on GM's.

    Get a scanner