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  1. Hey Everyone!

    How has everyone been? I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know I'm back (after a VERY long break!) Some of you may remember me when I had a 78 Tangerine coupe I was working on. I have since picked up another 78 Tangerine coupe a few years back and my original was involved in a pole barn fire that destroyed it. I did salvage my Southside traction bars that have seen 0 miles..........that was it!

    So I finally picked up an 88 turbocoupe that will have the drivetrain transferred into my 78 Tangerine. I'll start to get some pictures of the progress.

    Hope everyone is doing well!!!

  2. welcome back hope you have better luck with this one. pics pics please
  3. Hey Mattie
    I have not been on here forever either. I went to the dark side and built a import car :nono: It is nearing completion, so I have been looking at the lump under the car cover LOL (My II). The II lost oil pressure and i had it towed home two years ago, i have not even looked at it. The trans and the rad are shot. I did buy a new rad for it. Going to pull the engine this winter and rebuild the trans.


    My other money-suck a 1994 Mazda 323 with a 200HP V6:D

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  4. Wow, there's a couple familiar names!

    I went way to the dark side...92 Corvette, though we have a 97 GT vert and an Expy at our house. Did see this for sale locally and got me thinking


    BUT, I sold almost EVERYTHING II related a few years back...just wouldn't be the same starting all over, I guess
  5. II's look great as a convertible:)
  6. Mattie, glad to see you back again! I love the idea of the TC engine in a coupe. Loving the Tangerine II also.

    Cobraman, was that one a homebrew vert?
  7. Yes Bernie, it appears so. Didn't go look at it...might lead to foolish actions:(