Saleen Checking Out A 2000 Saleen S281 Sc


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Jun 3, 2003
brewster ny
Tommorow morning I am going to be checking out a 2000 Saleen s281 SC. It has long tubes, catted X, Borla catback and it is pullied. What should I look out for. How do I check for belt slip? Any advice is much appreciated.
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15 Year Member
Jun 3, 2003
brewster ny
Also I know the m90 blower is not the greatest and it runs super hot but with full exhaust will these cars be able to keep up with stock terminators? Also with full exhaust should they trap over 110? As soon as I get the car it will be put on the rollers and tested at the track just wondering what to expect.


Jul 23, 2013
Well how many miles on it? What are your goals with it?
Any suspension mods done?

If the driver in the termi sucks or you have suspension work done..... yes other wise no

Well the funniest way to test belt slip is take every gear to redline if the tone of the blower stays the same then its slipping but if keeps getting higher pitched ur fine.



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Oct 24, 2000
San Antonio, Texas
If your SC does slip, that is an easy fix. MoSaleen sells a SC deflector pulley for our cars. It's an added pulley that wraps the belt around the SC pulley. Works great and I have had one on my 02 S281 SC since 2008. You can go to and check them out.
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