Chepsk8, Pakrat, 65Stanger "Coming Out"...

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  1. From Behind our Avitars!!

    I'm coming up to the Boston Area Saturday, March 20, in the morning to the Factory Five plant, to look at and probably order a Mark II Roadster (Cobra) kit. I'm picking up Blue Fuzzy on the way and meeting Pak there. It should be great to finally meet these characters after conversing with them for over three years. After the plant tour, lunch photo's, who knows what else! First round of beers is on me. :banana:

    Anybody else? Mentioned it to RealMongo, waiting for his reply. If we all chip in, we could fly 'Chelle out......
  2. Can't wait, this should be a blast! :banana:

    So Dan, what is you ETA for hitting the Massachusetts line? I need to plan accordingly so I am make it to southern Mass in time. I am guessing that you will be doing something like 95 to 495 to 195??????????? If so, then things could work out perfectly. The friends I plan to stay with are off the exit on 95 right before 495.

    BTW, how the heck did you finally talk BBFCM into this? I thought he was employer whipped? :p
  3. That is great!

    I've kicked myself ever since Pak moved away from God's country that we never met, so its good to see y'all are putting it together. :nice:
  4. You ain't the only one kickin himself Blake. :(

    Ah well, who knows what life has in store. Boston has some great Newspapers! ;)
  5. Hahah! I'm sure it does, but you should know as well as anyone, it'd take more than the entire Red Sox roster armed with crow bars to pry me away from here. :D
  6. Heya Blake, Happy independence day!


    A Star Is Born

    I was a child of destiny even before I was conceived I lived in the minds of free men, who wanted nothing more Than to carve a cradle for me in this vast wilderness.

    I was the golden promise that had turned men's eyes to the West In me the strong saw a vast empire - The weak and oppressed a sanctuary.
    And, for the weary and wandering - I was home.

    To the soldier I was a bold new adventure, and To the farmer I was a section of land, a plow and team, I was a log cabin with a fireplace and garden in the read For every woman who nursed a dream of a home for her man and family.

    I was struck by the spark of life in the dark womb of time.
    In 1821, Austin got permission to settle three hundred Families between the Brazos and Colorado Rivers.
    The spark was kindled and it grew stronger with each conflict Between the Mexicans and the settlers.

    My body was molded from the torn flesh of Fannin and Travis Mine was the blood of Bowie and Crockett and a thousand others.
    Who left their crimson stain in the hot dust of the Alamo and at Goliad.
    I was nurtured on the vision of Austin
    The brains of Lamar and Burnet
    And on the bitter, raw courage of Houston.

    I lay in a sea of tears shed for those who have loved me And fathered me, and died without ever seeing my face.
    At night from the dark recesses of my confines, I heard The earthy ballads of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.
    Men gathered around the campfire to smoke and Talk of homes and families they had left behind.

    They talked about me, too, and when I was due to arrive They made wagers on how large I would be And speculated about plans for my future.
    If there was ever a wanted child, I was it - And I, too, grew impatient.

    I smelled the smoke at Gonzales, and I felt my body begin to stir.
    I heard the flames crackling at Harrisburg And I knew the hour was near.
    Amid the roar of battle and shouts of "Remember the Alamo"

    I came into being on April 21, 1836, at 4:00 p.m.
    I was born beneath a Live Oak tree on the banks of The San Jacinto River where over five hundred men Lay dead - six of them my own.

    I remember the days that followed with everyone Rejoicing and celebrating my arrival.
    The news of my coming spread across the country.
    People came from every place in America just to see me.

    They dressed me in red, white, and blue and Placed me on a pedestal for all to see.
    With bowed heads, men thanked God for my safe arrival.
    Then someone placed a lone star above my head and - They called me TEXAS.

    Brooks A. Valls
    Written circa 1950
  7. Lucky sucker...I've been wishing I could get up that way to see the FF plant....and sneak an order for a Coupe under the wife's nose....have fun
  8. Pak,

    Blue Fuzzy's ferry lands in New London at 9:30AM, so I'm guessing Factory Five at 10:30AM.

    Took lot's of convincing to get Ol' fuzzy with us.

    Stangnet history in the making!
  9. Back at ya!

    That is beautiful. :nice:
  10. Blue Fuzzy, ready?
  11. Oh YA!
    BTW.....When El Cheapo first started bandying this about he posted March 27th......which I am working! It wasn't until AFTER I posted about working that he edited and said the 20th....which I have off....I was supposed to go out that day with a young lady of the opposite sex on that day, but our plans changed and I'm seeing her on the 13th....VIOLA! I am now free to hit the road on the 20th........................
  12. Usually, most ladies are of the opposite sex....

    Are your ladies different?
  13. It's hard to tell with all that Blue Fuzz.................:shrug:

    To bad StangDreamin' lives so far out towards the left coast.....we could turn this into an "Old Fogey's Tour" :rlaugh:
  14. We'll get an old Bus, and turn it into "THE GUTTER 2004" Tour!!!
  15. Heaven help New England with you 3 on the loose. ;)


  16. Yeah, well, ummmmm.... I'm not sure I'm legally allowed east of the Ohio River yet (How long do Federal Court orders last? :shrug: )

    J/K :p Actually, I'm pretty tied up with the Scout Troop over the weekend of the 19th-21st. Our Senior Patrol Leader has his Eagle Service Project (Tree-planting and irrigation system expansion) on the 20th; and the Troop's Annual Pancake Breakfast is Sunday the 21st. I'm guessing the Scoutmaster had better be there! Oh yeah - 1/2's Junior Jaycee Awards and Installation Banquet is Friday night; guess their liason from the Arizona JCI Senate should be making an appearance there, too! Think I'll be "a little busy" :crazy:

    By the way, somebody had better bring a camera! I really want to see the cars!

    Still Dreamin'
    You could go incognito! oh, yeah....I forgot, it's pretty hard to disguise a walking talking green eyeball!
    Yes, someone will bring a camera..............
  18. Now why dont i get to come up to see the FF factory and everyone else????? There is a baby sitter commin to watch scott, so why can't I meet Pak and Big Blue FUzzy....well you guys will probibly be drinking caronas and talking about carborators heh heh. Atleast i know what a carborator is....

    I bet you cant guess where i am now ^_^. I'm in typing class and i finished all my stuff and Stangnet isn't blocked at school so... here i am ^_^.

    Hey! Only 31 days till my birthday....ooh just a lil off topic there...

    Back to the FF, It's gonna be veeeery interesting to help build this cobra. I've already had it made clear to me that I can't lean against the trunk....stupid trunk.... So what do we do with the huge box it comes in?? Maybe we can throw it up into The Gutter or into The Closet and you guys can think of somthing creative to do with it.

    Crap bells gonna ring,
  19. New London???? Connecticut? If so, I have to doubt you will make FF in one hour, you better check mapquest and get a detailed plan I think. So, where does that leave me? You didn't quite answer my route questions, so I am unclear if I am being picked up somewhere along the way or if I am meeting you there?

    The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. :D
  20. Hey Guys, I will see if I can get away. See if a friend or two would like to go. Sounds like a real good plan though. As the time gets closer I will know more. I will keep in touch on this one. Oh Dan by the way, my girlfriend says you are cute :D