Chepsk8, Pakrat, 65Stanger "Coming Out"...

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  1. and I gladly take ALL responsibility for this twisted tale!
  2. Ah, it's so much fun to go back and re-read this thread from the start! Those were the days!

    what ever happened to half the characters on this thread anyway?
  3. I don't know....I've been out of circulation for a month and a half! :shrug:
  4. I've been really busy for the past couple of months.

    Mom & I are completely remodeling the kitchen (tearing down sheet rock, rewiring, tearing up the floor, etc).

    Plus, the local community theater is doing Disney's Beauty and the Beast (very 1st community production in the state) and I'm playing in the pit orchestra.

    So with the 3 hour rehearsals for the past couple weeks and now shows 6 nights/week on top of messing with the kitchen, my computer time has been severely limited.

  5. And I'm just plain ole not welcome on Oznet anymore. Well......maybe my presence can be barely tolerated so long as I don't even remotely refer to my car in any way shape or form. :doh: I guess I just did though, uh oh, now I'm in trouble again, we better move on quickly before I get threatened or tattled on. Just pretend like I wasn't here, act casual. :spot:
  6. Was there someone talking just now? All I heard was a faint buzzing and the sound of Farberware in the wind! :shrug:
  7. Nah, farberware makes plasticky knocking noises when it attacks unsuspecting kitchen-dwellers....
  8. Where does that knee-cracky sound come from?:scratch:
  9. BUMP! :D

    Boy-o, I'm really raking the muck up and out of The Closet door......better finish before Chelle or Obo come along, repair the door an lock me in again!!!
    :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:
    :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot:
    :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:
  10. OMG~!

    It's back!

  11. Kinda scary what the Gutter Wave washed out from under my La-Z-Boy!:eek: Good thing I'm used to wading thru this schtuff too, 'cause me hip boots have holes in them!:eek:
  12. Can you bring back the "New Top" thread? That one has ALL the good stuff!
  13. It's a good thing this thread wasn't wiped out in the great server crash of 2005.

  14. Heh the closet...I never dared go near it with good reason! Sitting outside the door and every now and then sitting by the gutter is just fine.
  15. Sorry, no. It's there, but 2bav8 threw a lock on it!:nonono:

    Actually, it was the crash that caused this one to be found again.....
    You see...[BBFCM Story-telling Mode]
    Once Upon A Time..... in the Great Land there was a tremendous Tower knownst to the peoples as The Stangnet Server. This tower was soooooooo huge that it's very tops extended up past the clouds into the ethernet! When one day, for very dark, mysterious and evil reasons, something caused the Great Tower of The Stangnet Server to come crashing down. So great was the Tower and so powerful was its fall that the entire Great Land shook and trembled. (close to a 9.5 on the scale of Richter) So terrible was the shaking and trembling that The Closet Door splintered, it's pieces coming of their hinges and The Gutter's contents arose in an enormous wave and flooded into The Closet flushing it's contents and occupants out upon the Great Land. In the aftermath, The Great Big Blue Fuzzy Closet Monster wandered lost and dazed looking for his La-Z-Boy, only to find olde tales known as "threads", that had once been kept beneath his chair, washed out upon the Great Land. Unfortunately only the more aged threads were sturdy enough to survive the cataclysm, many of the newer ones were destroyed and lost forever.........The End!...[/BBFCM Story-telling Mode]

    It's STILL not safe for you to go near The Closet!:nono:
  16. Ah, that golden chestnut!
  17. Wrong ID!


    Deanna was signed in last!

    The "Golden" remenisce was from me...
  18. I read my e-mail "alert" with the "Golden" reminiscence and said to myself, "Self, the Cheap One is using his daughter's screen name again!"
    Ahhhhhh......that brings back memories! :rolleyes:

  19. Looks like the old gang is still around.... Anybody game for a fight?
  20. STOMP!
    eeewwwwwwww.....I probably should've waited until after The Gutter was refilled, now I have no way to wash that off my foot! :doh: