Chepsk8, Pakrat, 65Stanger "Coming Out"...

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  1. Well, at least you aren't putting Emily the psycho-kitty in charge. :eek:

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  3. Don't get any ideas peanut-boy!:nono:
  4. They can jump (not that I encourage it - Sherbert almost killed herself a while back :eek: ).

  5. Good! I hope they eat peanuts!:nice:

  6. EX-CUUU-UUU-UU-S-E ME???? When were you planning on telling me about all this? I had a little Saturday night Jacuzzi party planned with a couple of young ladies (Shhhhhh, don't tell Chelle that the Chick and her blonde sister will be "kept occupied" while she's out of town) :banana: This whole Terminix deal is really gonna put a crimp in my style! :(

    At least tell me they're coming in very early; so I have time to bring in some blowers to air out the place after they've left! :nice:

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  7. Geez.....don't pop a blood vessel! Terminex will be coming in as I leave, bright and early Saturday AM! The Closet should be ready for the soiree well before I return Saturday evening!:doh:
    Or would you rather the girls end up dancing with all the little critters that the Rabid half-baked toe-humping Christmas cookie left behind?:shrug:

  8. O-KAAAAA-AAA-AAY!!! And hey I'm glad you'll be back in time - I could probably use some help "entertaining" the two ladies :D

    What shall we put on the tapper -Sam Adams or Heinekin's? :cheers:

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  9. Shhhhhhhhhhh! Dammit! :damnit: :fuss: Do you want all of these critters crashing our party? and upsetting the girls?:nono:
  10. OK, not that I want to get mixed up in all this side convo stuff, but if you are bringing over "that chick and her blonde sister" than wouldn't you also aready be bringing in some blowers? Or do you also have seperate girls as fluffers? maybe my pure mind is just misunderstanding all this gutter talk. :nonono:
  11. Are you kidding?:eek: You're mind is already deeper in the Gutter than ours!:nonono:
  12. By jacuzzi do you actually mean MANcuzzi? and when you say ladies I'm sure you really mean fellas :p

  13. Believe whatever you want; as long as it keeps you away from the beer (and the Closet Keeper Chick and her blonde sister)

    So yeah, you're right, it's gonna be pretty ugly; you might want to stay away :D

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  14. OMG I cannot believe you wrote that.. I'm not sure if i should edit it or what! (that is if people know what you are refering to)

  15. Yeah, I was going to reply to that post; but I said to myself, "Self, there's absolutely nothing you could say that would not get you into trouble!!!" :owned:

    But it was funny... :lol:

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  16. :shrug: I'm not sure I even know what I was reffering to? :eek:

    The two girls are gardeners right? Complete with all their own leaf clearing aparatus? I thought they also made pillows more comfy for sleeping on the side? :scratch: :rolleyes:
  17. Deep. REAL Deep! :rlaugh:
  18. Hey pak my Thong kinda "slipped" off could you get that while your down there scraping the bottom :D
  19. That's what happens when there is nothing there to hold them in place I guess. :shrug: Kind of a peanut butter sandwich sans the :banana: eh? Elvis would be so sad. :(
  20. Just when you thought the Gutter couldn't get any deeper! :banana: :banana: :banana: