Chevy Caprice water pump replacement question

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  1. i know, this is not stang tech, but it is tech ...

    i am trying to change the water pump on my mother in law's 1992 caprice classic wagon, and i have the fan bolts off, but i need to get the thing that the fan was bolted to off the front of the pump. it is that light colored thing with all the ridges in it.

    fyi, the water pump is that rusty thing behind the fan.

    or am i supposed to remove the pulley from the front of the pump and leave the fan connected to that thing?

    any chevy guys here?


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  2. isnt therre a nut at the base of the clutch? should be right there next to the bolts for the fan. you will need one of the clutch fan removal kits. rent one from autozone if you dont have one. if you have access to air and an impact hammer, put a chisel bit on the end, and use it to break looke the nut. if you dont have experience doining this, might be better off with the proper tools.
  3. thanks, i'll follow that route and see where it takes me
  4. the 4 nuts at the water pump shaft(where the pulley is) are the nuts you should remove. the fan doesn't need to be removed from the clutch unless you're going to change the clutch as well.
  5. i got it done, thanks everyone.