1. I was at a car show yesterday (sat in an 05 GT vert, ahh) and saw a Chevy Cobalt SS (Eaton supercharged 2.0L 205 HP). So I was wondering if anyone has driven one of these or raced one or something. I think they're cool, save for that huge wing in the back. They're pretty cheap too, starting around $20K. Anyways, here's a link Cobalt
  2. I don't like the cobalt. It's a very late attempt for a stab at the neon. The cavallier sucked ass and they threw this out. It's basically a rehashed cavallier. The "american ricer" era is coming to a close. And the import tuning market is starting to dwindle. With gas prices sky rocketing the car makers need to realize that this is no longer a time to push performance. As in the 70's, it's time to lean vehicles out once again, and see to it our children get some oil to drive on.
  3. The new cobalt looks like a Civic ripoff in my opinion, plus I don't particularly like front wheel drive cars.
  4. The Cobalt SS is nothing but a Saturn Ion Redline. I work at a Saturn dealer, so I've driven the Redlines, and they're quick but nothing that great. We have a '99 Saab 9-3 turbo on the lot right now, and it'll whoop the Redline's ass. IMO, the Cobalt is nothing but another fake "new" model from GM.

  5. yeah like Iveen saying ever sence GM got saturn in there line up there cars have been taken styling q's off saturns stuff...but I will say this the newer saturn sc2 coupes look pirty bad ass in my oppinion.

    my moms got a sl2 4 door and man that thing for being only a 1.9 auto it gets up and goes pirty damn quick.

    no factore15sec or less but they handel pirty good I think.

    I think gm is comming up well in the "Tuner car" market.

    but the cobolt looks like ass and its funnie the cheap coupe has the same 2.4 the havabeers did and chevy made a 2.0 supercharged? something dont add up.

    but i can see the ppl with older havabeers finally can get a motor thats worth a damn to put in there lil pocket cars.

    ok iam gonna go now my hand hurts from typing.
  6. My eyes hurt from reading that.
  7. ditto
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Anyways ... I think the most recent ''havabeers'' came with a 2.2 Ecotec engine, not a 2.4 but I could be wrong ... I'd drive the Cobalt. It'll be interesting to see what the aftermarket does with it, besides body kits galore.
  9. latest cavaliers came with the 2.2 ecotec, which is the base engine in the cobalt. before that they had the ohv 2.2 and the 2.4 dohc quad-4 was optional in LS cavaliers and standard in Z24's. the 2.0 supercharged seems to be a better motor than the growly 2.4...i sorta like the cobalt...definitely better than the cavalier...id take an srt4 over one though

    yeah i used to work on chevys...i know too much about them
  10. O-k...back to the 5.0 forums...
  11. the cobalt is in everyway better than the cavalier it replaced.....no contest there

    and the SS is capable of low 14's at 98mph, on par with SRT4 neon....but in the twisties the cobalt is a solid peformer with a great suspension setup, and surpasses the neon by a good deal on the road course

    both cars are really nice... cobalt looks better than the neon in my opinion
  12. I think there both fuggen ugly...if I wanted soemthing to go fast and have it be ugly at least iam gonna go with the ugly escorts of the beginning years....get a motor built for a turbo then i will have fun in something ugly thats isent chevy or mopar.

    ok so I know my typing sucks but iam drunk as hell and i dont care.
  13. seems to be a common thing here that everyone thinks GM's stylling is bad LOL not sure where you get that at cuz the only good thing ford has is the stang and GT
  14. You must be drunk all the time then, because you always type like that.

    Well, I'm not a chevy person so of course I'm gonna bash on Chevy styling...then again, nowadays there isn't much on the market that I even like. Everything these days is FWD junk or SUV's (or both). At the moment the only things I really like are the Mustang, GT, and the Super Duty, isn't much else in the Ford lineup that is even interesting enough to care about.
  15. i agree, today's market isnt offering much on looks.

    i do like the Stang and GT, and the superduty, the vette, the cobalt is alright, and the RSX type S, and the Mazda 6
  16. i got to drive a ecotec cobalt, i dont think its a SCed model, but i must say for such a small motor they do have some balls.
  17. i saw a cobalt at the chicago auto show. They pretty much look like ass, underpowered unless you get the "SS" and the interior in them was a joke, I looked at one of the top end SS models and the interior felt like it was made from recycled soda bottles, seats were mushy, the switches felt cheap, the carpet had gaps, every piece looked like it came out of another car.. it was just a hodge podge of parts for the interior.. really crappy. on the outside to door handles felt cheap, the side looks like a caviler, the back looks like a neon and the front looks like crap. of course i am not a chevy fan (can you tell?) So my opinion is my own.

  18. I live in a small town and well what else is there to do?
  19. mom has one, brother has one and stepdad has one and to be truthful my only two complaints are the four cylinder engine (annoying sound) and the gauge cluster being in the middle of the dash...other than that they are pretty quick and neat little commuters..
  20. I thought they got rid of the center-mount gauges in the Cobalt. The Saturn Ion still has them, and I hate 'em (used to work at a Saturn dealer), but the pics I'd seen of Cobalts had the gauges in front of the driver where they should be.