Chevy Engine In A Foxbody

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  1. ok so im sure many of you guys have seen chevy engines in foxbodies before.and im sure yall have noticed how they act like the ls engines are far superior to a ford engine. well the truth is they are definetly not.i think the chevy guys just really like the fox platform because its a kick ass little car that is great for all kinds of come you dont see alot of ls swaps into 3rd gen camaros.because they are junk thats why.plain and simple.point is it dosent bother me that thay do these swaps.just admit that they wish chevy would have made a cool car like the foxbody for them too. ha ha..........
  2. What?

    Anyone that tries to deny the capability of the Chevy LS motors is just wrong and/or brand blind. I have no problem with it at all, I think its great and it is what hot-rodding is all about.
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  3. An LS motor is BAD A$$! Cheap, plentiful, good on power. Whats not to like? I tell all my friends with chebbies, convert to LS or continue to eat dust!
  4. I don't look at it like the Ford body needed a Chevy engine to go fast. I look at it in the perspective that the Chevy engine needs a Ford body to go fast.

  5. The LS is a good engine, the Fox platform is superior for drag racing compared to the Camaro/Firebird, especially in "stock" suspension classes. That is why you see Chevy guys swapping into the Fox body cars. Nevermind the Fox platform is generally lighter weight and the aftermarket is HUGE for those cars.
  6. Wtf? Dude you are way off. And yes, people do lots of 3rd gen swaps. You sound like a second grader professing that your dad can beat up anyone else's.

    I'm doing an LS swap because it's cheap. For $1200 I was able to buy and lightly modify a 6.0 to handle 4 digit horsepower with a turbo.

    If I could have done it with a 302, I would have. End of story.
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  7. this is really the point i was trying to make here guys.
  8. dont get me wrong i think the ls engines are pretty good but are they really better than a 347 or 351w set-up i dont think so.
  9. Careful, thinking and knowing are very different.

    For instance, I know that arguing this point is moot on a ford forum, but I think if you read up on LS engines you may change your opinion.
  10. Ditto end of story , people sometimes forget how hot rodding evolved
  11. And I don't want anyone to think I'm a Chevy purist, quite the opposite actually.

    But like I said, if I could have got the 5.0 to do my dirty work, I would have used it.
  12. I'm pretty sure you would have to have a Dart 351 to compare to a LS, by standing of HP limitations. 302 block would be a paperweight.
  13. but yall know what im saying right.some but not all of these chevy guys act like ford motors cant keep up.and that is a bunch of bull.........
  14. you can get the 5.0 to do your dirty work.the ford racing block or the new coyote.but i know not for $1200 as for me i would spend a little extra to keep it all ford
  15. $1200 is a steal. A dart shortblock 393 runs at least $5k
  16. Dart based shortblock with cam,etc is 5k. OP there is no comparison between a factory block ford vs Chevy in a max power build. I have never been brand "loyal" I've owned Chevys,fords,even a dodge.
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  17. LS motors can be had dirt cheap out of many GM products.

    When I can go to a boneyard and grab a terminator 4.6 or a coyote 5.0 easily and for dirt cheap.....then I'll be happy.
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  18. Yeah hp per $ Chevy wins.
  19. I'm a very brand loyal person and a die hard ford guy. But I'm also realistic and honest and the LS motors are very impressive. I'll never own one due to my stubbornness but they are definitely great engines.
  20. No, you would spend ALOT extra to keep it all ford. A Coyote is a 7000.00 dollar engine before you have to add the 1500.00 controller to make it work, and as new as it is, you can forget getting one out of the salvage yard.
    The Ford racing block? What?... the Sportsman block alone costs as much as the
    LS JY engine examples that are all over the internet making, and living at twice the "stock block split" maximum a little 302 has proven capable of.

    Turning your nose up at the potential of a LS engine is tantamount to sticking your head in the sand.

    Yes, it is common to see a Chevy guy stuff his engine in a fox body. It doesn't take a degree in race chassis dynamics to understand the reasons,... It just means that most of them know how to add,.... and subtract..
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