Chevy guy with a foxbody

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  1. First off, I want to clarify that I DO NOT HAVE A MULLET! Ive had 35 vehicles, mostly chevys with a few others mixed in since I started driving and this is my first mustang. The closest I had to one before was a Mark VIII with the quadcam and a shift kit that was awesome but I traded it off a few years ago.

    Anyways, Im big into minitruckin and customize trucks for a living. I was offered a foxbody in exchange for some labor and a stereo system so why turn it down?

    The car run and drives pretty nice but has some hacked bits here and there that I am addressing such as fuel pump relay wiring and a switch under the dash that starts the car.

    Heres my truck


    More pics of my new toy can be found in the 'garage'


    I havent decided what to do with it yet but Ill admit....its fun to drive :D
  2. Welcome to Stangnet it's great to have you! :)
    That's a nice fox body you have there. Definitley in
    excellent shape.You should do full exhaust on it like
    longtube headers,H pipe,and a nice sounding catback exhaust
    to start out with I think.For sure fix all the small things on it
    and do all your general maintenance like oil changes,spark plugs, etc.
    Check out the 5.0 section of the forum here.
  3. Yah, its in really decent shape for its age and 150K

    Its got shorty headers X and flushmasters on it now. I want to cut it all out and start over because it looks like the pieced the pipes together. I have a set of MAC mufflers laying around that Im going to put on it
  4. You will see better power gains with longtubes than with shorty headers.
    I think an H pipe sounds better on a 5.0 mustang in my opinion.
    The Mac mufflers are ok for a chambered muffler if you ask me.
    You should port and polish your cylinder heads or get E7 cylinder heads.
    Definitley get a nice camshaft and intake for it though.
    Don't be affraid to ask some questions in the 5.0 section they will
    be happy to help you out and answer your questions.
  5. If you don't have a mullet, what did you do with it? I hope you didn't let it just run amok! :D

    Welcome aboard. :)
  6. So...the more I drive this car the more I want to keep it and build it. :D

    I got on it a bit today and it winds out really fast. Im not sure what to do about that but it just seems to run out of RPM way too quick. Its got 4.10 gears and a stock engine.

    My plans for the moment are to trash the leaky, rusty exhaust for long tubes (havent picked brands yet) H pipe, and MAC mufflers out to some nice sized tips.

    Next, Ill get a new coil and wire in the MSD Digital Ignition that I have from a previous vehicle.

    After that Ill probably start working on the suspension, replacing all the shocks/struts.

    Somewhere in the mix Ill replace the clutch (havent picked one yet) because from what I have read, the squeal that Im getting while in gear is possibly the throwout or pilot bearing getting pissed off.

    I want to get the windows tinted, sand the orange peel off the crappy paint job until I can afford a new one and get some tunes in there
  7. Welcome to stangnet! Nice looking mustang you got :nice:.
  8. Are you sure you don't have a Mullet? most chevy guy's with a mullet dont even know they have a Mullet, j/k :D.

    welcome to StangNet, your fox look good and love the bullitt rims :nice: !