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  1. What are the top cars a stock 0 Cobra has to watch around driving....what are the main competition cars to look out for???
  2. Dude, rewrite that. It is incomprehensible. :shrug:
  3. "The universal translator - What cars are faster than a stock Cobra"

    Well, it would depend on what stock Cobra?, if its an early SVO 5.0 Cobra then pretty much any GT with more than 230bhp.

    Simple answer is any car that is faster and/or has a better driver. If your not clever enough to work it out then maybe trade in your car and buy a 3 cylinder diesel Hyundi, at least then the answer will be easy = EVERY THING WILL BE QUICKER.

    Hope that helped :rlaugh:
  4. dont know what i was thinking writing that...I just meant the 02/03 which other cars stock can really take them overall..I know the z06...but any others???
  5. If you mean cars that are stock that the 03/04 Cobras have to watch out for on the street...And this is stock for stock...

    Corvette Z06
    Corvette C6
    Corvette C5's with good drivers
    All Vipers
    Some Camaro's and Firebirds with good drivers

    That should be about modded, any car can be faster than an 03/04 any given day...never know what's out there...I know of some Neons that would lay the smack down on a few basic modded 03/04 Cobras :shrug:
  6. I have a friend at work with a several year old eclipse twin turbo, you wouldn't think, but he ran a 12.2 1/4 mile last weekend. on stock turbos.