"CHEW CHEW" COP....here comes the TRAIN

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  1. B52, where have you been? :shrug:

    I'll check those videos out later because I need to go on AOL to view them :mad:
  2. There was a funny one that was "Turbo Civic SI going FAST!!!!!".

    It was just some dickhead speeding past the camera like a ricer. Then he does a burnout and takes off...but not very quickly.:shrug:

    Funny how "fast" for a Civic, is still slow for normal cars.:rlaugh:
  3. That was great. The first one is old though. The third was priceless
  4. That cop is so in trouble with the rest of the department! I know cops- they won't let him forget about that for at least a couple of years. I'm sure he has a gag gift or two headed his way!
  5. They'll probably give him an Impala for a couple months too.
  6. [quote='66 coupe]They'll probably give him an Impala for a couple months too.[/quote]

    :lol: :lol:
  7. Thanx zincyellow03,
    I was here and there but PASSIVE "saving" money-Lights OFF, Computer OFF,Water OFF,GAS Off
    :D:D MUSTANG ON :D....on the lookout for that MACH 1 2-3 months TOPS-a guy in IL is selling his I think it`s in PEORIA.
  8. :eek: Everything off except da mustang!

    How much does he want for the Mach?
  9. He was asking $20,900 ,11K miles-but that was a few months ago.......haven`t talked to him since......he said he wasn`t trying too Hard to sell it so I`m guessing it should be around $18-20000 now we`ll see migh negotiate, The factory exhaust will go on my V6..........He said he took it to the Track 1/4 mile twice, Here`s a short version of his Post for the Car and it`s Yellow :D:

    Mods: Appearance
    Visus louvers
    MGW Mach1 fuel door
    rear honecomb panel
    black letter rear bumper inserts
    colgan bra included with the car
    MGW Mach 1 shifter handle
    embroidered 'Mach 1' headrests

    Mods: Performance
    Borla catback exhaust w/ MRT tips (stock exhaust included)
    PHP intake spacer
    K&N cold air kit
    FRPP 4:10's dealer installed (speedometer recalibrated with the tune)
    SCT flash tuner
    The tune was done on the dyno by the Mach_1_cal_man, who was a Ford engineer responsible for the engine calibration on the car when it was in development, so you couldn't get a better tune
  10. :D PM recieved and bounced back :D