Chi Town Fox Body

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  1. When the Byron track was closed in the late 80'-early 90's had to race up @Union Grove. Spent almost every weekend up there racing in 92'. Anybody heading to Byron this year I'm all in for some track fun! :nice:
  2. I'm sure some friends and I will be heading up there sometime this year just not sure when.
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  3. Ya know... I'd be up for a Mustang road trip over the summer at some point.
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  4. I was drawn by abundance of nice round, female bottoms that seem to crop up in that area. Must be something in the water? o_O
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  5. Hey guys btw anyone from the Chicagoland area my friends and I along with a bar we work at have set up a car show, were all mainly mustang guys and I've posted this in the Chicagoland Mustang Club as well. It's June 14th starts at 3, lot opens at 2.

    Cadillac Ranch
    1175 W Lake St.
    Bartlett, IL 60103

  6. Bikini Car Wash?!? o_O
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  7. Haha that would be nice BUT we are trying to get a dunk tank.

  8. Not the same. :nonono:
  9. Agreed, but it's all corporate approved.:dammit:

  10. Bewbz are not? :scratch:
  11. Something about "family friendly".... Whatever that means.
  12. I dunno... I think bikini car washes make lots of families friendly. :nice:
  13. Lol well I would have to agree with you.
  14. :lol: Unfortunately I'm going to be out of town for 2 weeks or I'd be there
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  15. In case anyone was thinking about going, I'll just leave this here.... CAD_CAR SHOW BACK_4-23-14.jpg

  16. FREE ADMISSION. With a $10 car entry fee
  17. Free for spectators, $10 if you want to enter your vehicle in 1 of the 7 classes.