Chicago Auto Show Suprise....

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  1. I was at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend and was treated with a wonderful suprise. Other than the sections of the truly exotic cars (ferrari, lambo, bently, etc.) no section was more packed than that of the Ford Trilogy. I was so excited to see all those people cramming and pushing to get closer to the GT, Shelby Cobra, and of course, the new Mustang.

    One other thing that was a big suprise was the GTO. It is way smaller than I would have assumed from previous pictures. And there were only 3 people looking at it when I went over. Good luck with that one GM.

    In any event the new Mustang was truly breath-taking, and I can't wait to own one. I even got to tell the Ford girl what month the Mustang was first produced in because nobody else new. Man I love the Auto Show. I just wish they had more literature on the new Mustang. I looked and asked, and they didn't have a thing. What's with that?
  2. yeah it was awesome, did you by any chance see the old red GT 500 outside the show where you buy tickets?
  3. I laughed when I went to the Chevy section to look at the new corvette. There were 5 guys looking at it total, and they all had Chevy Racing t-shirts on! The mustang and GT-40 both drew a ton of people, it took a while to get through the crowd. I like the new production mustang even more than the concept. I went on the opening day and I might go again before the show ends.

  4. No, all I saw were an Acura TL and a Lexus SC 430. I am dissapointed I missed it.
  5. I'll be waiting till the milwaukee show next month.

    I saw a pic of of a cutaway 4.6 3V on a stand in chicago. Did anyone get up close and get some good pictures? What does the bottom end look like?