Chilton or Haynes?

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  1. Which would you prefer? Repair and maintenance manual. Thanks.
  2. Chilton's is more detailed, Haynes is better for beginners and for underwear.
  3. Chilton's...

    Haynes will tell you how to take your engine down to the bare block like this.....

    Start by removing the intake and heads, then unbolt the block and remove from engine bay. Remove oil pan and then remove crank and pistons. Reinstallation repeat step one in reverse.

    And you're like....WHHAAAAAATT??? lol
  4. Both, I have a chilton but I borrowed a haynes once and I think it had better wiring diagrams.
  5. They're both made by the same people. Chilton's will have much more detail though. Honestly, Haynes is a waste of time.
  6. My vote goes to Chilton.
  7. Haynes says you cant even change out the ball joints in a Fox. You have to replace the whole control arm:nonono:
  8. I work at auto zone and i have to say i havent sold on of the haynes manuals yet
  9. Haynes is good for accurate wiring diagrams, I find the Chilton's to be a little off sometimes...
  10. get both and compare. i have both and when one seems a little off i look at the other. but Chilton's gets my vote as far as detail.
  11. Once you tried a factory manual, you'll never use a Chilton's or Haynes for anything other than soaking up oil spills.

    Try eBay here or here.

    I have complete sets of Ford factory manuals for all four of our cars.
  12. FTW??? for the win? :bang:
  13. yuppers
  14. i have a Haynes and it has worked for me so far, from gears to intake installations, but i guess ill have to check out the Chiltons...
  15. Well that's good I guess. The Chilton just arrived at my door a day or two ago and the I got to thinking I should have asked what you guys thought was better. I had heard about the wiring diagram problem with the Chilton but that's not really what I got it for anyways. Thanks.
  16. haynes = better diagrams
    chiltons = ftw