Chin spoiler for '01 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tfritz, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering what options there are out there for a chin spoiler for my '01 Cobra. I want to take the bananna look out of the front. There doesn't seem to be anything other then the Cobra R and that looks way too much and will scrape. I would go for the Mach 1 but they seem to only fit the GT's and the V6. :shrug:
  2. Nothing else out there that I know of. The Cobra R chin is removable though. :nice:
  3. Shinoda sells a chin for the Cobra bumper. But it's hideously huge and looks like a$$ IMO.
  4. I'm sorry, when ever you post I find myself staring at your avatar. :D

  5. IMO, that looks like a cow catcher on the front of old time locomotives... :notnice: :nonono:
  6. Yeah, that thing is huge, nasty looking, and just doesn't fit the style of the car...
  7. Hmmm...not quite what I'm looking for. Thanks for the link though. :nice:

    I want something to bring the front down...hmmm might just have to get a '03 bumper if I can't find anything. Then I don't want to be called a poser. :doh:

    I would just like the front bumper to be parallel to the ground and not slope up like a ski tip. yuk.

    Anything small and not drastic like the Mach splitter. Thanks for the help... :nice:
  8. :rlaugh: There ya go. Looks like I was right. :rolleyes:

    :puke: Shinoda :notnice:

    So this site advertises the Mach 1 chin spoiler as an Item that WILL go on the '01 Cobras (actually they said '99 - '02?). Is this possible? Hard to believe there is only a couple of options for chin spoilers out there for the '01 Cobra without a monstrosity of a ricy clump of crap on the front. :shrug:
  10. Mach1 chin spoiler does work, but it leaves a small gap at the rear of the spoiler on either side at the fender unless you move it back from flush at the front.
  11. What about a full Saleen bumper cover. I think that is by far the nicest front end for a 99+ Mustang. But I guess you do risk the poser image again. But I think it's worth it. I may get one after the North Carolina Bug Association inflicts enough damage on my 99 Cobra's bumper cover.
  12. As a matter of fact, I was considering a Roush kit for my Cobra. But that's way too much $$ for exterior mods. Just need something small to change the side profile of a ski tip to paralell to the ground.

    It's been something I disliked on the car since day 1. The car looks great up until you get to the front. It just doesn't look right, not matching up with the lines of the car. Never knew why they did that. :shrug:
  13. I'm not worried about the poser issue, I eventually want a 03 Cobra hood, 00 Cobra R front bumper cover, and a Saleen rear spoiler.
  14. What about what is in your avitar?

    EDIT: Just re-read your 1st post, you already ruled it out. Not much out there for us 99/01 owners.
  15. If you're refering to my response to Volldamort. I was admiring the boobs in his Avitar.
    I was hoping I missed something and someone might have more information on the selections out there. But I guess my assumption is correct; there isn't much out there. :shrug: :nonono:
  16. No I meant your avitar with the R
  17. duh :doh:

    sorry. Yeah I was thinking about it, but I think as a daily driver it might be too low and I'll be hitting every curb and parking block in town.
  18. Hi guys, new here . I have the R spoiler and my car is not lowered. It does scrape but I knew it would so I added some large-headed rivets to the lip (see pic and web-page) and replace them as needed. It also flutters @ speeds over 120 mph so it needs some additional bracing.

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  19. First off, I'd would like to take this honor to be the first to welcome you to Stangnet. :nice:

    That looks nice! Good looking Cobra! Got anymore pics?