Chin spoiler for '01 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tfritz, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Thanx for the welcome. The only pics I have at the moment are on my web-page.
  2. Welcome Cal Cobra, car looks sharp :nice:

    I guess the R splitter is out of the question for me then, my car is lowered about 2" in front. Hate to tear it up. Here's a side pic of my car as it sits now.

    So add the inch or so the splitter would sit lower & that means I'd tear it all up.
    Too bad, they do look sharp, even more so with the R hood.
  3. How did you put yours on. If I order one will it come with everything needed for install? or would I have to punch holes and gets some rivets from HomeDepot.
  4. CAn i get a mach 1 shaker on my cobra
  5. To install the Mach1 Chin Spoiler you have to drill the holes in your front cover and install with whatever hardware you come up with. I used the plastic push retainers. That way I can remove if I want and reinstall.
  6. Here's another 99/01 Cobra with a Mach1 chin spoiler.
  7. how come your 01 cobra has full side scoops like the 03's?
  8. Probably because he put them on there. :)
  9. So now I have the chin spoiler and I don't know if I want to leave this gap at the wheel wells. Anyone have any ideas? Is there any way to heat-bend it to fit? or body shop that might be able to extend the ABS plastic? I'm reaching here...I'm just a perfectionist when it comes to the esthetics of my car. :shrug:
  10. Well, after looking at this spoiler that I now have. I don't think I'll put it on.
    This spoiler is NOT made for the 2001 Mustang Cobra. :nonono:

    Shame on me for having to buy it to figure that out. :(
  11. What are you talking about man? Can you post some pics. I also want a splitter and I'm considering the Steeda/Cobra R, but I dont want the thing flying off at 150MPH+ over here in Germany.

    I like the looks of the Mach 1 splitter on the White Cobra. What is the gap, how big?

  12. About one and a half inch short of being flush with the wheel well, when it's flush at the front. If I want it flush with the wheel well, it is too far under the bumber. I'll try and get some pictures up soon, but there is some of Micah's GT:
  13. That is my car used on their website, I gave them permission when they first designed the chin spoiler for the 99 Cobra’s. I have since trimmed 1” off the very front of the chin spoiler as I had issues with the front center point being to low and scraping every now and then in dips. The purpose of their chin spoiler being so big (like a plow) is because it was designed to be functional first, cosmetically appealing second. Whereas the Mach 1 chin spoiler is simply for cosmetics. Having said that, I have been real please with mine, and I like it more with the 1” trimmed off so it’s not quite as obnoxious but I never had a real big issue with that anyhow. It has held up well, and I have stripped and repainted it several times as any functional chin spoiler is bound to fall victim to road debris causing chips, etc. I now use a heavy crinkle type paint that resist that debris chips very good. It does cost more, but you get what you pay for. If you want something inexpensive get the Mach chin spoiler and live with the cons.

  14. wbpo - I like the way the mach spoiler looks on your car. Could you post a few more pics of it (from the side and also of the gap between the wheel well and the end of the spoiler)? Thanks.
  15. TX,

    Your car looks very sharp. Do you have some new pics with the 1 inch trim? How do you think it may hold up with the high speed driving over here in Germany?

    Tks brother.....have a Happy New Year! :nice:

  16. Naz, by default the Shinoda chin spiler ships with several self tapping screws which simply screw into the front fascia underneath. I opted to use small bolts/nuts (15 of them across I think). The defaults screws are secure but designed to rip out of the front fascia if you hit something to avoid damaging the chin spoiler. With my nuts/bolts it is not going anywhere, compared to the Cobra R splitter which tends to fly off at high speeds because the stock Zeus fittings dont secure it properly. If Shinoda lowered the price they would sell allot more of them, I think that's the main draw back.

    I believe this picture is with the 1" trimmed off.


  17. Hmmmm, I like it. How much do they run? What size of a nut and bolt did you use?
  18. I dont remember the exact price, I think it was $250 :crazy:

    The bolts/nuts I used were very small metric with a phillips head. About 1.25" long and maybe a 4mm-7mm thread. Nothing huge, just something I could thread a small nut onto verses simply using screws. I can install/remove them all very fast with my cordless screwdriver, no wrench required, just finger tight on the nut with the cordless driver. When I installed mine I used a couple pieces of double back tape to stick the spoiler in place while I marked and drilled. Then I removed the tape for the final install. They will send you some nuts/bolts instead of the screws if you ask, at least they use to offer that if requested.

  19. Thanks. I may have to get one. I'm wanting one that's more functional than cosmeticly appealing. I will debate over that one or the aftermarket Cobra R ones that are one piece.