Chin spoiler for '01 Cobra?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by tfritz, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Personally I like the 2KR splitter the best, that is what I wanted to install. But if you want to drive the car on the road (and the car is lowered) the 2KR splitter will surely not last long before being damaged as it sits too low to the ground. But for fulltime track no problem. That is why I went with this chin spoiler, it's not as low. It's worth mentioning I cannot slide my floor jack under the front fascia with this chin spoiler installed. I drive the car onto small ramps to give me clearance for the jack (also to clear my SFC's) so keep that in mind also. The 2KR splitter is much lower.


  2. Yea a buddy of mine has a 2000 R front bumper cover with the splitter built on to it as one piece. It's nice and it is low. It don't look right without the rockerarm molding but as I said I want it for function( high speed stability) and the shinoda one looks pretty cool and seems as functional as the R piece. Should I paint it to match my car or would it look better the way you painted yours?
  3. The paint job is your choice. My first paint job matched the car, gloss Clearcoat Black and looked great, but rocks chipped it easily. That's why I switch to the Satin/Matte Clearcoat Black finish using the bedliner paint, it holds up very well when sanded and primed before application. My body man couldnt paint it with anything more durable to protect against rocks, etc. and he liked the finish so I just continue to use that. In person it matches the car perfectly, just has texture, but so doesnt the Mach 1 chin spoiler.

  4. That stang of yours looks might familiar! :nice:
  5. I'm looking for one too. At this point leaning towards the Mach1 even though it won't fit completely right (gap at wheel well ends). Wonder how it would look painted to match...

    Oh, forgot to ask. What's the best price for a Roush frt bumper cover? Maybe we need a GP.
  6. I have a GT, but just recently bought a 01 cobra bumper and still have my mach 1 chin spoiler left over from my original bumper. I might just have to try that mach 1 chin on the cobra bumper...
  7. where can i get a cobra r lip from to add to my cobra front bumper
  8. Is there any way to fabricate the last inch to extend fully to the wheel well (Monster Garage)? :shrug:

  9. I am dealing with this right now.

    I just bought a Mach 1 chin spoiler from that they state fits 99-01 cobra bumpers, I told them I heard they didn't fit 99-01 cobra bumpers and referenced thread slike this. Thier tech support ensured me it did and to look at the pics on thier site.. What an idiot, because their site only shows GT's.. Look at thier link below..

    guess what ?? I bought it and it did not Fit. (big surprise)

    So, It all went to the bodyshop and when I saw it installed I freaked, (the body shop didn't know anything about the incorrect fitment and just did the job with the provided piece)..

    I called AmericanMuscle and at least they sent me a second one to chop up now and fill in the void on the ends.. The Body shop says they can do it and it will look good.

    I'll let you know the outcome. PICS TO COME

    (update: there's now a "customer" review on thier website that mentions someone putting it on thier 2001 cobra with out any problems mentioned... these people are unreal after what I just went through with them.. They must be on drugs considering the issues I had on the phone with them, and once I even mentioned that they should not be listing the part as fitting 99-01 cobra bumpers.)

    BTW: they also sent me the ****tiest quality steeda wing anyone has ever seen.. I think they bought factory seconds or something.

  10. Does the 03/04 Cobra chin spoiler fit perfectly on 99-01 Cobras?