35th Anniv Chin spoilers

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Ok, I have a problem.....after the much anticipated repairs to my 35th, yesterday I noticed the bottom of the bumper cover was "wavy". I crawled under to make sure it was installed correctly and it was. I can only assume during the paint drying process, the heat may have warped the bottom of the cover. It looks strange and the only rememdy would be a "mach" chin spoiler to hide the area altogether.

    So, I know some of you have one, what did it cost to buy one and where did you get it?
  2. I got mine thru Mustangs Unlimited:


    Looks like they're $120 (plus shipping) now, when I bought mine in July '04 it was $84 (incl shipping.) I got mine on ebay, may be cheaper there . . .

    The spoiler mounts to the bottom edge of the fascia panel, so it wouldn't cover any paint defects . . . .
  3. I got mine about 2 years ago now, when they were reasonably priced. Got mine from Mustang Tuning for 50 bucks shipped.

    I love mine, car wouldnt look right to me without one.

  4. I don't have paint defects, just that the underside of the cover is a little wavy. You can only see it from the front and you have to bend down to see it. The chin spoiler will hide it.
  5. Jason, Check with your local Ford dealer. When I bought mine, the dealership gave me 15% off and I believe I ended up paying $49.00.
  6. I remember buying mine when they first came out for around $60 as well. Don't remember the company offhand. When I had to repair my front end last summer when a truck clipped it, I decided to put a new one on and was shocked that they were around $120 everywhere, in the same range as the local Dealer. I bought one and saw nothing different, no new mounts, bolts, etc. Guess the petroleum prices going up and raising costs on plastic products as well really hit the chin spoiler market. But I agree, car now looks lost without one.