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  1. What kind of gains will I notice by changing out my stock chip (97 cobra n/a) with a mail order? Is it even worth it, or can I reburn the stock one?
  2. It all depends on your existing mods to the car. The more bolt ons the more HP your going to get.
    I did a lot of searching a research on my chip before I bought it.
    I don't have a Dyno close or anybody who can tune close so I had to find a mail order chip
    I went with JMS at I had heard nothing but good things about them before I purchased, their staff was very knowledgeable and they wanted the specifics of my car and I mean they were detailed. Also the chip is a Autologic ship which tends to be the favorite with the Mustang crowd even though the Diablo’s are becoming popular. They will reburn the chip latter as a you add items to the car for about 80 bucks and they have an unlimited reburn time after you get the chip in your car till they get it correct. Works well for somebody like me whose closest reputable wideband dyno is over 200 miles away. The chip was about 300 bucks and most importantly had 3 tunes on it with a valet mode also.
  3. Unless you have mods done to the car, especially one that affect the intake side...a chip is a waste of money IMO. If you are planning on moddnig the car, it should be your last mod, as to keep from having to reflash it. Don't get it unless you need other parameters set, new gears, top speed or redline parameters.

    FWIW, if anyone has a change to get tunned by Jerry from SCT Superchips, do it.. the guy is an amazing tuner. He can also tune the car by flashing the PCM instead of using a chip. With the flash, he can set more paramters on the car than the most advanced diablo chip out right now.. :nice:
  4. Not a lot can be gained on a stock Cobra, I did one on a bolt-on GT out of necessity (4.10s w/ auto), and they bumped the timing for premium fuel, adjusted fan turn-on temps but that's about it.
  5. Firme is correct.
    Chris at SCT or Jerry at JMS know what they are doing.
    Superchips is also using the same software as SCT and has access to things the other "big chip companies" can't do (and don't know how to).

    Stay away from anyone me on this.
    There is not a lot to be gained on a 97 Cobra.
    Also, when you get into a custom...the chip may only make a few more HP, but if you throw it on the dyno/scan tool/ lambda meter you can see it's making the power with the correct air/fuel ratio, timing and the drivability is the best it can be.
    All this translates into a faster, more consistent, more efficient car.

    The mentioned companies tune at all throttle positions, instead of just WOT.
    This make the car do the best it possibly can at the track, and be street friendly (without affecting track performance)



  6. What the Eye-talian guy said.
    The guy in my passengers seat knows chips...................... :nice:


    We bolt on a C&L 80mm MAF, Steeda pullies and plug in a Diablo 4-bank off the shelf chip. Jerry plugs his laptop up to my EEC, hammers on a few keys and "Voila"............ 299 at the wheels. The things that guy can do for your car in 15 minutes is nothing short of ASTOUNDING !!
  7. JMS works my car, not one else.