Chip/programmer help with my "mud"stang

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by fornvala, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. First off, no "Why did you buy that??" question allowed. I have a 1998 Cobra convertible with less than 1500 miles, and a couple of thousand gallons of water.... (fresh water and we got to it within a few days.)

    The car has been completely gone through. The engine is PERFECT, the transmission is also perfect. The interior is from another car and is in a box.

    We replaced all the harnesses and the guage cluster. New dealer purchased ECU, new airbag sensors, new airbags. We can not get past the theft control system. Towed it to Ford and they played "stump the mechanic" for over a month. The diagnosis is that I don't have matching harnesses and can not get past the theft control without yet another dash harness.

    I have recently been told that a programmer/chip could easily solve my problem. I can't get a straight answer from SCT or others. Can anybody tell me if they know that the programmers can get around the theft control system on my '98 Cobra? Can you recommend a chip or programmer. I don't want to drag this car and don't need to change profiles. I just need to be able to turn on my fuel control system..... :bang: