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  1. Well I am planning on 4.30s in the rear and need/want to not only reporgram my speedo but tune it a bit too, have it done with CAI, exhaust, pullies, and eventually nitrous all in mind.

    What are my options? I want the best so nothing less will do.

  2. diablo sport has the delta chip that will let you change your tune on the fly. basically you will have one setting for everyday driving. it puts the timing curve and fuel curve up. when you want to run the spray you flip a toggle switch and it pulls the timing out depending on the size of your shot. very clean set up easy to use
  3. You can't go wrong with an SCT (SuperChips Custom Tuning) tune. The tune is flashed right into your car's computer through the port under your dash. For multiple tunes, they can hook you up with a handheld flasher that stores three different programs. They can also do neat things like turning off traction control and the rear O2 sensors.

    Here's a link to my SCT dyno results: