chipped mustang key from Wallmart $50

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  1. stopped in Wallmart & saw a sign chipped keys made here ! handed the key to the kid behind the counter he cut a new key in less than 5 minutes with the neatest computer cutter I ever saw ! inserted my key & it read the chip then it asked for the blank & cut a perfect key .... car was out in the parking lot I went out & it worked perfect no BS !!!!! Ford wanted $100 Wallmart $50 no 2 keys no waiting PS the blank was made in Italy ! it was a super store with an auto section the kid said the machine was 6 months old .. so if you want an extra key stop by Wallyworld :nice:
  2. Nice to know. But I can get OEM RFID key blanks for 25$ and the key shop will cut them for a buck. But then I had two keys. They beat the Ford stealer but not those who plan ahead. They must have a way to burn the code into the chip from the old key. Nice idea.
  3. Interesting, we don't have a chip machine at my store, i'll ask my mgr and see if i'm getting one
  4. Nice, we only have 1 key for the 2000, I'll have to stop by wally world and check it out!
  5. i only have 1 key for my car too, i think i might go see if the one near me has one.....
  6. unless the machine can somehow mimic the frequency of the original key there is no way it will work if you have only one key.

    the "CHIP" transmits a small frequency to the receiver at the ignition to allow it to disable the PATS system and start the car. when you get new keys made the PATS system has to "learn" the frequency of the new keys to make them work.
  7. Isn't that what it did?:shrug:
  8. it is my understanding that even if you take the car to a dealership, already have two keys, or whatever, you don't just get a key cut and then go start the vehicle with it and drive away. The car's system has to learn the key's unique transponder code.

    The only exception to this might be if you had an aftermarket alarm system with remote start installed by unqualified hacks who just stuffed a chipped key into the steering column instead of using the Ford-produced bypass module designed for such systems. In that case, a regular key with the proper cut to unlock the steering column would work. As would any other mechanical method of breaking the cylinder lock or hotwiring.

    However, it's easy enough to clone rfid chips:
    DealExtreme: $4.65 125KHz Programmable/Writable RFID Keychain
    DealExtreme: $66.14 125KHz RFID Card Copier/Duplicator with Writable RFID Card and Keychain (Standalone Operation)

    I'm not saying those two links provide the means to clone Ford chipped keys, just that it's not beyond the realm of possibility.
  9. had it done " no 2 keys needed on Mustang "

    :flag:the key machine is a computer type only one key is needed it reads it tells which blank to use whole process takes less than 5 minutes ...Ford & the 2 keys needed is not true & it was only $50 ..... the kid who was about 18 was no locksmith & didnt attend any school the machine does all the work ...I do think it has to be a big superstore with a auto repair section they polish headlights & do all kinds of stuff its on US 19 St Pete Fl :nice:
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  10. mine does too, i've gotta find out
  11. My opinion is that's :bs: I think only the Ford dealer should be able to do that. Now...any yahoo can go into Walmart get a key programmed, making it easier to steal a car with a PATS system. At the dealers, they need your car there, VIN # etc...
  12. well, "any yahoo" needs a *key* in order to make a copy, so said yahoo could ALREADY steal your car at that point. The whole Walmart thing only makes it cheaper and easier to get a copy. Why didn't my Ford dealer have this before Walmart?

    I don't expect this to have any impact on Mustang theft.
  13. I just had a second key made for my car today. I've only had one key for yrs now. For some reason, I have a bad feeling that I might misplace my key. Anyway, I had the key made at Bob Allen Ford here in KC. It took about 40 minutes for the key to be cut and programmed. This had to be done at the service department. They needed to hook the car up to a laptop computer. It only cost my $55.00 to have this done. I had heard horror stories of it costing alot more. I plan to pick up a third key soon. Pearl02.
  14. Alright:eek: guys!! Has anyone else confirmed this? I need a second key!!
  15. Sweet. I don't live far from the Walmart in St Pete. I'll try to get there this week and get another key made.
  16. its not bs its true the walmart down here in port st lucie florida also has this machine.
  17. Pics or it didn't happen.
  18. Just got home from the Super Walmart. They have a sign where they make keys that says they make chiped keys. The guy took my Ford key stuck it in a little machine for about 2 minutes then put the new key in and cut it. It was $49.97 before tax and it works perfect :nice:
  19. They must have a programmable rfid transponder key and a machine to program it. What you will have then is two keys which are clones of one another. Try them both to see if they get the car into key learn mode. I am thinking not. But you at least have two working keys. I would use the clone and keep the original in a safe place in case the Chip programming technology has any problems with the programmable chip being subject to its pattern being corrupted.
  20. The one over by the gym on slw blvd has a machine im thinking i need to go there i only have one key