chipped mustang key from Wallmart $50

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  1. Ok could you explain exactly how this was done..

    You took your key they cut it and then you went out to the car and without inserting two programmed keys first was able to start it???

    The inserting two programmed keys is part of the anti theft of the pats system.. They intended this step to prevent somebody from cutting a key and just sticking it in and driving off with your car..

    if walmart is using a machine that bypasses that using a key that can be programmed to the frequency of the original key I think that is extremely irresponsible.

    I don't care if people don't go to the dealer to get keys cut.. It pays me .5 to program a key I can live without it. But I don't see how it's possible to bypass this part of pats.

    Something is not right there.. I have seen this happen before but it was because the car already had a chipped key stuffed in the column from a hack remote start.
  2. Yeah, the key is programmable, they guy that did it said it copys the information from the key I had and programs the new key. He said sometimes it wont copy all the way and if not bring it back and he would redo the process.
  3. You can buy what you need to make these keys from any number of places. The technology exists. Just because the dealer you work for doesn't use it doesn't make it irresponsible.

    It doesn't bypass the PATS system. What it does is make a duplicate of the chip in the key. The idea that the passive rf technology in keys is somehow massively secure is mistaken.

    You need a key to make a copy. If someone has a key to copy they could ALREADY steal the vehicle if it wasn't theirs. The PATS system will still keep the car from being driving away without a proper key. That hasn't changed. So where's the irresponsible part?
  4. Exactly what I was thinking.
  5. Same here I think some of you guys are giving Ford a little too much credit :D
  6. We don't need to use this system. we have IDS and it programs normal pats keys.. :shrug:

    Yeah i see your point.. I doubt any cars will get stolen from this since it's just cloning a existing key

    As long as the key is reliable like a normal pats key it should not be a problem.

    i am sure I will run into this one at some point now that these clone keys are out there..

    When we install a new processor we need two keys after programing the new processor to start the car.. One of those keys can't be a clone..

    If I did not have access to IDS I would probably make a spare for my mustang this way..

    I know a lot of you guys think we love programing these keys.. to be honest it's a pain in the ass I hope walmart and locksmiths do them all. it's not worth the 5/10 ths it pays me to tie up my ids for 15 minutes or so when i am trying to diag a problem.

    I wish I had a buck for every time I am using the IDS for a problem and the hourly kid needs the IDS for a stupid waiter key.. :mad:

    I have had a few times I was on the phone with a hotline engineer and had to give up the ids for a waiter key..
  7. Two keys have only been needed if you want to program the keys yourself using your vehicle.

    This technology has been around since the PATS system was created.
    Many Locksmith's have the computer hardware to do it with only one key.
    It's nothing new just Wal-Mart finally getting smart and investing in the equipment.
  8. Yeah you can program a normal pats key yourself with two keys already programmed.

    Another time you need two keys that are different is if your car ever needs a processor.. I tell my customers to bring in all keys they have for the car if I am installing a processor since we have had a few cars get towed in because I sent the customer out with two keys and then they had a kid or somebody else try to start it with a third key that worked with the old processor and disabled the car
  9. Absolutely Confirmed, Actually made a test key for my car today and it works

    Not all stores have the units in yet
  10. I had a Ford replacement key cut for $25 and used the old 30 second program rule in the manual...didn't need the second key. Dealer told me I'd have to have the car in for the computer program for $75 and all but I just told them to cut the key. Tech actually laughed when I told him I'd program it myself. Said it couldn't be done. He followed me out and I drove off with the copied key in the ignition. I think the later year PATS required the car in for programming. Good to know there is another option now.
  11. it's not limited to ford btw
  12. whats the 30 second program rule?

  13. From what I understand, this is only true of cars sold in Canada (perhaps elsewhere too). In the US, two keys are not required. That does not however, limit the manufacturers ability to require two keys. It's just not required in the US where Canada insists on the 2 key method.
  14. Use a good key to turn the car on, then off. Within 30 seconds insert the new key and turn on. It will program the new key and you are good to go.