chipping paint

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  1. i have a 2003 cobra.i have 200,000 miles on it. The paint has been flaking off. it very strange because it is only on the parts for the cobra,,,front&rear bumper&front hood,,,i tryed to touch up the chips but it appears nothing will stick to it,,,any tbs on this help me out if u can?
  2. You have 200,000 miles on an 03 Cobra? That is very interesting to me. What oil are you using? Do you hear a ticking noise from the engine when it is warmed up? Have you had to replace any major parts?

    Anyway, you should just have a body shop repaint the problem areas. It will cost between $200 and $600 or so...
  3. I use 6qts castrol 5-20w and 1 stp oil treatment. I do a white rag test, and wipe the old on the rag allowing it to sink in. The old oil will appear black to color, but after soaking into the rag, will turn to the actual color. Then apply the new oil next to that spot and compare. Mine still is the same color. At 100k mile the alternator went. And at 140k the throwout bearing went and the throttle body froze up. At 196k my starter finally went. And believe it or not I blew a rear pinion bearing. I had the car dyno-d at 180k. I dyno-d 404hp, and 408 tourque at the rear wheels. The car is stock. Only added parts are long tube headers, off road x-pipe, and cat back. Oh, and I do not have a tick in the engine. But the driver side head was changed at 60k by Ford. Mine is black, #1813. My best time is 12.9 at 114mph on stock rubber and a full tank of gas. I did that when the car had 170k on it.
  4. +1. thats a ride:flag:
  5. 200,000 miles! WOW that's a new record from everything I've read. I know of a few Terminators who are close or slightly over 100K, but nowhere near 200K! Can you get a picture of the instrument cluster with that mileage visible? I'd like to pass your achievement around the community, but without a picture to prove it I'm sure most won't believe it.

  6. might just as well be 200k

    this was taken on july 29 2007...give me 2 months and it should read 200,000+ AM I A WINNER FOR HIGH MILEAGE OR THE MOST HAPPIEST COBRA OWNER try then click on pics