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  1. Hello Ladies and Gentleman of SVT. I hope you can help me with a decision. I was looking at a change in vehicles, from a 2K V6 Vert, to a 03/04 hardtop. However, here lately, I have been seeing multiple cobras being sold in my area, that are the 98-99 model years. So my decision now lies between a 98-99 Cobra, or an 03-04 GT. Anyone want to give me some suggestions or encouragement either way? All information will be most appreciated.
  2. In what capacity will this car serve you?

    Reason being there are a lot of folks here that would love to get there hand on a 98 DOHC Cobra and slapp a S/C on and BAM! 400rwhp. {me :D }
    Others, will comment on FORDs attempt with the IRS in the Mustang platform. Comments will range from horrible to applaudable. :shrug: Depnds, again, on what you want the vehicle to do for you.

    The GTs are not out of the question but in terms of modification platforms, arguably the DOHC is better. :nice:
  3. This will be my daily driver. I might want to do some minor mods, but I think for the moment the move up in vehicle to V8, and the prestige of a Cobra, should be enough to make me happy for a little while. No blowers would be in my plans for the mods until much later, if at all. I just want a nice daily ride, I may or may not mod slightly. Something that will turn heads, and hold its value.

    With that said, all answers appreciated.

  4. Then I would say go Cobra.
  5. Cobra baby !!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
  6. Choices Cn't.

    OK, so the choice of Cobra has been made, anyone have any additional sources for me to check, except by driving around to dealers, or classifieds in the local papers? And anything in particular I should look for or shy away from...and one last question, anyone got suggestions for decent coverage at a good rate on insurance?

    As always, thanks for sharing the wealth the wealth of knowledge. :hail2:
  7. Online ...

    There are a few in the Atlanta area.